Knee Meniscus Surgery Cost and Procedure Information

Arthroscopic Surgery is a minimally invasive procedure used for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting joints. During Arthroscopic Surgery a physician uses an arthroscope, a small tube shaped instrument, which is inserted into the joint area through very small incisions (as tiny as ΒΌ inch) to perform the necessary treatment. The arthroscope is often used in conjunction with other tools that are inserted through another incision to perform the necessary treatment.

National Knee Meniscus Surgery Procedure Pricing Summary

National Minimum Price $5,400 (Plattsburgh, NY)
National Average Price $13,000
National Maximum Price $36,700 (Kodiak, AK)

Knee Meniscus Surgery Cost Averages Around the Country

Baltimore, MD Knee Meniscus Surgery Cost Average $12,100
Boston, MA Knee Meniscus Surgery Cost Average $15,000
Denver, CO Knee Meniscus Surgery Cost Average $12,700
Detroit, MI Knee Meniscus Surgery Cost Average $11,800
Minneapolis, MN Knee Meniscus Surgery Cost Average $12,000
St. Louis, MO Knee Meniscus Surgery Cost Average $10,500
San Diego, CA Knee Meniscus Surgery Cost Average $15,800
San Francisco, CA Knee Meniscus Surgery Cost Average $15,800
Seattle, WA Knee Meniscus Surgery Cost Average $13,500
Tampa, FL Knee Meniscus Surgery Cost Average $11,100
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Featured Facilities that Perform Knee Meniscus Surgery

Name Location Average List Price
Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center Russellville , AR $11,100
Arizona Bone and Joint Yuma , AZ $11,100
Rowe Orthopaedic Center Kalamazoo , MI $11,800
Niles Orthopedics Niles , MI $11,800
Aspirus Stevens Point Surgery Center Stevens Point , WI $12,700
Florida Hospital Wauchula Wauchula , FL $23,800
Gulf Coast Orthopedic Specialists Pensacola , FL $11,100
Tehama Surgery Center Red Bluff , CA $15,800
The Surgical and Endoscopic Center of Stephenville Stephenville , TX $10,500
Yankton Medical Clinic Surgicenter Yankton , SD $11,200
Humboldt Bay Surgery Co-operative Eureka , CA $15,800
Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital Waimea , HI $21,700
Lakeland Orthopaedic Clinic Lakeland , FL $11,100
Atlantic Orthopaedics Berlin , MD $11,900
The Surgery Center of Chesapeake Chesapeake , VA $10,400
Honolulu Spine Center Honolulu , HI $13,900
Panama City Surgery Center Panama City , FL $11,100
Pikes Peak Endoscopy and Surgery Center Colorado Springs , CO $12,700
Southeastern Orthopedics Douglas , GA $10,100
Bone and Joint Orthopaedics Cambridge , OH $11,400
Fond Du Lac Surgery Center Fond Du Lac , WI $12,700
Orthopaedic Consultants Milwaukee , WI $12,700
Orthopaedic Center of Okeechobee Okeechobee , FL $11,100
Madera Surgery Center Madera , CA $15,800
Outpatient Endoscopy and Surgi Center Saint Clair Shores , MI $11,800
Marshalltown Medical and Surgical Center Marshalltown , IA $10,400
Northcentral Indana Orthopedics Logansport , IN $11,300
Madisonville Orthopaedic Clinic Madisonville , KY $10,200
Northeast Texas Surgical Center Texarkana , TX $10,500
Summit Ambulatory Surgical Center (Sister Pierre) Towson , MD $11,900

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