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An X-Ray Procedure is used to study and diagnose disease of the skeletal system as well as for detecting some disease processes in soft tissue. X-rays use invisible electromagnetic energy beams to produce images of internal tissues, bones, and organs on film. X-rays are made by using external radiation to produce images of the body, its organs and other internal structures for diagnostic purposes. X-rays pass through body tissues onto specially treated plates (similar to camera film) and a “negative” type picture is made (the more solid a structure is, the whiter it appears on the film).

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X-Ray Cost Averages Around the Country

Phoenix, AZ X-Ray Cost Average $290
Washington, DC X-Ray Cost Average $525
Philadelphia, PA X-Ray Cost Average $420
Houston, TX X-Ray Cost Average $360
Miami, FL X-Ray Cost Average $290
Dallas, TX X-Ray Cost Average $330
Chicago, IL X-Ray Cost Average $370
Los Angeles, CA X-Ray Cost Average $500
New York, NY X-Ray Cost Average $340
Atlanta, GA X-Ray Cost Average $420

Specific X-Ray Procedures and National Cost Averages

Body X Ray Cost Average $1,200
Bone X-Ray Cost Average $1,600
Facial X-Ray Cost Average $310
X-Ray of Brain Cost Average $1,350
Skull X-Ray Cost Average $330
Eye X-Ray Cost Average $700
Mastoid X-Ray Cost Average $850
Sinus X-Ray Cost Average $200
Nasal X-Ray Cost Average $210
Jaw X-Ray Cost Average $350
Teeth X-Ray Cost Average $775
Salivary Duct X-Ray Cost Average $1,050
Neck X-Ray Cost Average $300
Pituitary Saddle X-Ray Cost Average $300
Chest X-Ray Cost Average $420
Breastbone X-Ray Cost Average $230
Rib X-Ray Cost Average $250
Mammary Duct X-Ray Cost Average $1,950
Abdominal X-Ray Cost Average $280
GI Tract X-Ray Cost Average $450
X-Ray Guide for Stomach Tube Cost Average $2,175
Small Bowel X-Ray (Small Intestine) Cost Average $280
Colon X-Ray Cost Average $625
X-Ray for Atherectomy Cost Average $3,500
X-Ray of Vein in Liver Cost Average $6,700
Gallbladder X-Ray (Cholecystography) Cost Average $725
X-Ray of Bile Duct or Pancreas Cost Average $14,000
X-Ray of Bile Duct Cost Average $4,500
Spine X-Ray Cost Average $320
Sacroiliac Joint X-Ray Cost Average $330
Tailbone X-Ray Cost Average $280
Pelvic X-Ray Cost Average $400
Bladder X-Ray Cost Average $975
X-Ray of Urinary Tract (Urography) Cost Average $525
Shoulder X-Ray Cost Average $240
Forearm X-Ray Cost Average $210
Elbow X-Ray Cost Average $280
Wrist X-Ray Cost Average $210
Hand X-Ray Cost Average $200
Finger X-Ray Cost Average $110
Hip X-Ray Cost Average $290
Leg X-Ray Cost Average $240
Thigh X-Ray Cost Average $320
Knee X-Ray Cost Average $220
Ankle X-Ray Cost Average $200
Foot X-Ray Cost Average $190
X-Ray of Toe Cost Average $130
X-Ray of Blood Vessel (Angiography) Cost Average $33,600
Transcath Therapy X-Ray Cost Average $8,800
Aorta X-Ray (Aortography) Cost Average $17,700
X-Ray of Artery - Head and Neck (Angiography) Cost Average $18,600
X-Ray of Vein in Neck Cost Average $20,200
X-Ray of Artery - Adrenal Gland (Angiography) Cost Average $4,800
X-Ray of Vein in Trunk (Venography) Cost Average $6,800
X-Ray of Artery - Chest (Angiography) Cost Average $5,000
X-Ray of Artery - Abdominal (Angiography) Cost Average $31,800
X-Ray of Artery - Kidney (Angiography) Cost Average $19,800
X-Ray of Artery - Spine (Angiography) Cost Average $18,800
X-Ray of Artery - Pelvis (Angiography) Cost Average $20,100
X-Ray of Vein in Arm or Leg (Venography) Cost Average $18,600
X-Ray of Artery - Arm (Angiography) Cost Average $4,000
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Featured Facilities that Perform X-Ray

Name Location Average List Price
Stockton Diagnostic Imaging Stockton , CA $230
Whitman Hospital and Medical Center Colfax , WA $4,800
Integris Medical Bay City , MI $210
Story County Medical Center Nevada , IA $4,100
Glasgow Radiology Glasgow , KY $200
Blue Ridge Radiology Bristol , TN $200
Our Community Hospital Scotland Neck , NC $4,800
Early Detection Imaging Lima , OH $210
Grenada Lake Medical Center Grenada , MS $850
Virginia Physicians Richmond , VA $210
Northeast Nebraska Imaging Center Norfolk , NE $200
Fairmont Medical Center Fairmont , MN $550
Forrest City Medical Center Forrest City , AR $1,300
Mount Nittany Medical Center State College , PA $975
West Plains Imaging West Plains , MO $190
Testa Imaging Manlius , NY $210
University of Virginia Imaging Charlottesville , VA $210
Saint Joseph's Mercy Health Center Hot Springs , AR $3,100
Wilson Memorial Hospital Sidney , OH $1,100
Van Wert County Hospital Van Wert , OH $675
Grant Regional Health Center Lancaster , WI $4,500
Impact Imaging Fresno , CA $230
Scott and White Temple , TX $900
Southeast Iowa Open MRI Burlington , IA $200
Davis Landing MRI and Imaging Rio Grande City , TX $200
Jefferson City Radiologists Jefferson City , MO $190
North Oaks Medical Center Hammond , LA $1,750
Advanced Imaging @community Medical Center Missoula , MT $200
Guthrie Towanda Radiology Towanda , PA $210
Gundersen Lutheran La Crosse , WI $2,400

More about X-Ray Procedures

Patient Preparation For an X-Ray Procedure

Guidelines about eating and drinking before an X-Ray exam vary at different facilities. Unless you are told otherwise, you may follow your regular daily routine and take medications as usual. If you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant it is important to inform your doctor or technician prior to the X-Ray. Notify your doctor or technologist if you have any metal in or on your body such as body piercings, eye glasses, or jewelry which may interfere with the procedure. Dress in comfortable clothing that can easily be removed if needed.

What to expect during and after an X-Ray

A X-Ray procedure is a relatively painless procedure. The only discomfort may be associated with the manipulation of the body part being examined particularly in the case of a recent injury or invasive procedure such as surgery. The overall preparation and procedure will take approximately 30 minutes not including waiting time. Depending upon what is being scanned and what type of X-ray (the type of view) your doctor orders you may be asked to get undressed and to put on a hospital gown and you may be lying, sitting, or standing for the scan. You will be asked to hold your position still for several seconds until the image is being captured. It is important that you hold your position still during the scan exposure to prevent any blur on the film. Your X-ray films will be interpreted by a trained doctor and then discussed directly with you.

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