• Is it safe to have my procedure considering the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)?

    In short, yes. All medical providers are following enhanced procedures for screening patients, increasing social distancing, and for overall sterilization. Additionally, no COVID-19 patients are sent to our surgery centers (they are sent to hospitals which are not connected with these centers.) Please contact our Care Coordination Team for more information on COVID safety precautions.

  • Do you offer Financing?

    Patient Assist offers several Financing options such as CareCredit for qualifying patients. These Financing options allow patients to pay the cost for their procedure over a longer period of time and often at no additional costs (e.g. no interest).

    Please contact our Care Coordination Team for detailed information on all our Financing Options prior to applying.

  • Who is eligible to participate in the Patient Assist program?

    The Patient Assist program is available to all uninsured patients, under-insured patients, or patients on high deductible insurance plans who wish to consume services outside of their plan.** Note: for those patients with high deductible plans, the network of providers may be more limited in some areas. **

  • Do I have to talk to someone on the phone in order to receive a quote?

    Yes. This is based on our years of experience and is designed to give you the most accurate and best pricing information, and to avoid potentially scheduling a procedure that does not fit your needs. Many factors affect the pricing of a procedure such as the procedure you need, the facility location, your condition and individual health, your location, etc.

  • What does the Patient Assist program offer to me?

    Our team has built a network of providers who offer fair pricing and high quality care for Patient Assist cases. We have built flat, discounted rates in order to protect you from price gauging & price fluctuation. Our rates are already bundled to include all of the fees associated with the procedure so you will not receive any additional or surprise bills. In most cases you will not need a referral from another physician. You will also have access to a dedicated Patient Care Coordinator who offers knowledge about your care options and cost saving tips, and who will follow you through the entire process of choosing a provider, scheduling, having your procedure, and recovery.

  • What do your rates include?

    Our rates through the Patient Assist program include all fees typically associated with the specific medical procedure. For surgeries, our rates usually include the surgeon’s fee, anesthesiology fee, facility fee, a consult, a follow-up, and any pathology fees. GI procedures typically include the physician’s fee, anesthesiology fee, facility fee, pathology fees, and a consult if you are required to have one.

  • What do your rates NOT include?

    Our rates through the Patient Assist program do not include any other tests required as a follow-up or needed for diagnosis. However, we may be able to assist you with locating and receiving quotes from fair-priced certified providers for these tests.

  • How can I get a quote for a specific physician or facility?

    Patient Assist is designed to provide bundled quotes for a particular medical procedure with specific physicians and facilities. If you have another physician or facility in mind that you prefer to work with, you can discuss rates for each fee with the billing department for each provider. For instance, you can call the billing department of a surgery center or hospital to inquire about estimated facility fee self-pay pricing for your needed procedure.

  • Why are there no providers near me participating in the Patient Assist program?

    We work hard everyday to increase our provider network to ensure our Patient Assist patients receive fair pricing on their medical procedures. Through this program we save our patients an average of 60%-80% and more! However, it can be challenging to find providers who are committed to assisting patients that do not have insurance coverage for a procedure.

  • Know a provider that might be a good fit?

    If you would like to recommend a facility or physician for our Patient Assist program, please email their information to providers@newchoicehealth.com.

  • Some other factors that take time in adding new facilities and physicians to our network are:

    • If a facility is owned by a larger corporation – contract negotiations can involve many different parties and take months to finalize.
    • Many physicians work exclusively with higher priced facilities. While we could work with these physicians, the facility costs would make your final price very high.
    • Some facilities and physicians are not willing to accept lower rates. Unfortunately many providers realize there are plenty of patients who will pay very high prices for services (even though the quality of service is not increased with cost!) In contrast to this approach, the providers in our Patient Assist network believe you should have access to fair and reasonably priced services, and should not be punished for a lack of insurance coverage for your procedure.

  • If I need to travel to a provider, will I have to make more than one trip?

    Travel is an excellent way to save thousands of dollars on your procedure. (Please see our article on traveling for care.)

    Most of our providers offer same day and next day procedures and surgeries, meaning you can make one trip and stay in a hotel for one or possibly, two nights. Generally you will be scheduled for a consult the evening before or morning of your procedure. In these cases you may be required to have tests completed in your hometown before your procedure is scheduled.

    In some cases, the provider may wish to see you several days in advance of your procedure. Our Concierge Team will bring this to your attention while searching for providers for you.

  • How can I contact a Patient Assist program Concierge?

    Representatives are available Monday-Friday during normal business hours (Central Time). They can be reached at (800) 643-5848, concierge@newchoicehealth.com, or via Live Chat. Often we respond to emails after hours.