"Great experience from beginning to end. The Patient Assist Team, the medical facility, and physician were all first class. I will definitely be using Patient Assist in the future."

Doug B., Colonoscopy Patient 2017
Doug B.Colonoscopy 2017

"Everything went great. Thanks so much! I really needed this done and I am so grateful that I found you guys to help since I do not have health insurance. Blessings."

Jodi E., Colonoscopy Patient 2017
Jodi E.Colonoscopy 2017

"When I found Patient Assist/New Choice Health, it was a God send. I needed surgery for an inguinal hernia, as a self-pay patient. My primary care doctor was affiliated with a large hospital group. Their cost was approximately $22,000. I could not afford that. Patient Assist quoted me less than 25% of that for all costs associated with the operation, including the pre-surgery consultation. This was accurate & I received no further billings after the fact. Their customer service was excellent. Timely information & instructions were provided every step of the way. The outpatient facility was easy to find, modern & the nursing staff was professional. My surgeon was experienced & board certified. I received a great outcome. The only negative was that I had to travel 90 miles. In the overall scope of things, this was a minor inconvenience. If you are a self-pay patient like myself, please give Patient Assist and New Choice Health serious consideration. Based on my experience, they are legitimate & serve as an important option in these uncertain times for health care."

Pat C., Hernia Repair Surgery Patient 2017
Pat C.Hernia Repair Surgery 2017

"Excellent overall service and results. Operation went smoothly, staff was very nice, very considerate, and very knowledgeable about this procedure. As for the doctor... In a word, outstanding. No, make that OUTSTANDING! This doctor is incredibly sharp, smart, and has an impeccable "bedside manner". I will highly recommend Patient Assist for family and friends. Thank you for your service, you guys did all the footwork finding a facility that could accommodate my needs, and did so in a very cost effective manner. Excellent, excellent, excellent!"

John P., Hernia Repair Surgery Patient 2017
John P.Hernia Repair Surgery 2017

"I'm doing well and healing quickly. Everyday I feel more normal and it's only been a week. Amazing. The doctor called me this morning to check on me. He is a great doctor and the center is a great place to have surgery. The staff are friendly, clean and professional. The facility is very clean and comfortable. If I ever have to have surgery again (I hope not), but if so, I would definitely want to have it done there. I'm so thankful for your services and hooking me up with my surgeon. I will absolutely refer anyone who needs surgery your way. Patient Assist is a great service. Your team was great and always available when I had a question."

Dawn H., Gallbladder Surgery Patient 2017
Dawn H.Gallbladder Surgery 2017

"When I was diagnosed with gallstones and found out I needed my gallbladder removed, the first thought that came to mind were the medical bills. After researching how much surgery would cost and getting no helpful answers, I found New Choice Health Patient Assist. I was skeptical at first, but after speaking with Katie, she answered all of my questions. I looked up the outpatient surgery center I would be having surgery at and decided I would go through with the process. The total price I paid through patient assist was 10 to 20 thousand less than my local hospital quoted me. The facility I had my surgery at was very professional. The nurses, surgeon and anesthesiologist were all amazing, kind and very knowledgeable. If I ever need surgery or a procedure done in the future I would definitely contact patient assist again and I would recommend them to friends and family. Thank you for helping and being there to answer any questions and concerns I had!"

Danica P., Gallbladder Surgery Patient 2017
Danica P.Gallbladder Surgery 2017

"I am feeling very good, no complications at all thanks to God and a good team of doctors and nurses. I am attaching a picture of I and my wife, a day after the surgery, walking and collecting flowers around the hotel. I appreciate a lot [Patient Assist's] help and kindness, God bless you more."

Misael G., Hernia Repair Surgery Patient 2017
Misael G.Hernia Repair Surgery 2017

"My husband is doing fabulously and we are thrilled with NCH/Patient Assist. I am so grateful I found your service on the internet when I was searching for providers. The cost of my husband's hernia surgery arranged through your service was half the cost quoted to us at our local hospital. Even more important than cost was the quality of the actual provider. We were very reassured after the surgeon called personally for the presurgical med history. At check in, the surgical center was very nice and the staff professional, friendly and caring. The anesthesiologist was the best when he shared that he had the exact same surgery and surgeon the previous month and my husband was in very good hands. This is a picture of Brian ready for surgery. Thanks again."

Brian C., Hernia Repair Surgery Patient 2017
Wife of Brian C.Hernia Repair Surgery 2017

"Thank you and thank you to the whole hernia repair team. I would be glad to tell everybody how good was my experience with you, I hope that none of the people I know need your service, but if somebody does, I'm glad you exist, and I will recommend your service, based in my experience. I'm recovering, everything worked perfect. I don't know what would I have done if you wouldn't exist, thanks for everything!"

Jose S., Hernia Repair Surgery Patient 2017
Jose S.Hernia Repair Surgery 2017

"The procedure went well and we were very pleased with the doctor's understanding and compassion.

It also gave us great peace of mind knowing in advance how much the procedure would cost, and that once we paid, we'd never have to worry about "surprise" bills coming in the mail....unlike the usual routine with high deductible health plans where the total expense remains unknown for weeks after the procedure as separate bills arrive from the multiple providers that are often involved.

We also appreciated the personal customer service we received from Patient Assist! This is, sadly, the exception rather than the norm in health care these days.

We are very thankful to have discovered Patient Assist and will certainly consider it for future needs.

Thank you again for all your help!"

Patient Assist Logo
Rob F.Colonoscopy 2017

"Patient Assist did an excellent job of arranging my prepaid hernia surgery in a timely manner and when I received the bill.

After the surgery I received a bill for $20,000 from one of the providers in my case. This company [Patient Assist] somehow took care of that bill problem and I have not received the bill again and I was extremely impressed with their ability to negotiate. I highly recommend them for their skills."

Patient Assist Logo
Louis S.Hernia Repair Surgery 2017

"I just want to say thank you for checking on me and on my recovery progress, which is coming on great. I must say thanks a lot for ur help - greatly appreciated.

My doctor was great and everyone at at the facility is wonderful - great place.

Thank u greatly again!"

Patient Assist Logo
Leon S.Hernia Repair Surgery 2017

"Everything went well. The entire staff at Pacific Surgery Center was awesome. Very professional and an overall great experience.

I highly recommend New Choice Health - Patient Assist to everyone.

Thank you for your assistance and great follow up."

Patient Assist Logo
Bryan K.Hernia Repair Surgery 2017

"I just wanted to drop you guys a note to say that you are truly the BEST! Your office team (I dealt with Brad there) was really, really friendly and helpful and got me EXACTLY what I needed.

You found me a CT scan with contrast for 10 of what my own care provider quoted me! The facility where the scan was done was very professional and just top notch in their service.

I am recommending you guys to everyone I know who might need medical care. Thanks so much for doing what you do. This is how medical services SHOULD work!"

Patient Assist Logo
Gerald H.Imaging 2017

"We wanted to thank you again for the unique service that your company provides in finding the lowest cost for medical procedures where our insurance provides no coverage. Your all-inclusive price for the colonoscopy covered facility, physician/ procedure, polyp(s) removal, all lab work/biopsy, and IV sedatives.

The facility and physician were top notch! The total price was 35 to 45% less than are shop-around cash prices. You process, including scheduling, was very efficient. I especially appreciated how easy it was to work with you."

Patient Assist Logo
Bill W.Colonoscopy 2017

"I actually had a great experience from start to finish. My experience dealing with New Choice was very positive because you guys were very professional, efficient, and courteous. The doctor and the staff were just as professional and courterous. I was also very impressed with the brand-new facility and the service I received. My husband actually was skeptical in the beginning, saying, "it was too good to be true,” but it proved him wrong. I was very happy that I could get this procedure done at such a great price and I would highly recommend it to anybody.

Thank you so much for everything."

Patient Assist Logo
Tahmina M.Endoscopy 2017

"I had my colonoscopy on 12/04/17. All went well. The doctor is a good doctor and his facilities are efficient, friendly, and professional. I would not hesitate to to recommend him or your organization. You have been efficient, friendly, and professional. A great experience at a fair price. Satisfaction level 100 percent.

I began my colonoscopy journey by going to the internet and typing in colonoscopies for cash Chicago. New Choice Health popped up. I clicked on the link, read the details and contacted them. I spoke with Victoria. She gave me the details which included the provider and the price. I drove to Chicago to verify the location of the provider. I spoke with the doctor and verified that he did indeed have a relationship with New Choice Health and that this was the facility where the procedure would take place. I went home contacted Victoria and she provided me with the link that in essence defined our contract. She also provided me with the link to pay. I paid. The colonoscopy is in two phases. The first is a visit to meet the doctor, take your vitals, and go over your prep and the details of the procedure. The second visit the colonoscopy is performed. Fast and very efficient. New Choice Health and its representative are both efficient, professional, and friendly. The doctor is all of those things also. If you want games go to your local hospital for this procedure! If you want excellent service choose New Choice Health. Have a great day."

Patient Assist Logo
Richard G.Colonoscopy 2017

"My experience was great, thank you very much for your help. I found your organization in the web. Everyone at the clinic was very nice, from the receptionists, the nurses, and doctors. The service was first class and I couldn't be happier for the treatment I received."

Rodrigo C., Endoscopy Patient 2017
Rodrigo C.Endoscopy 2017

"This was a great alternative to the current over priced medical system. Had a minor billing issue from the anesthesia people but Patient Assist got it straitened out quickly."

David K., Endoscopy Patient 2017
David K.Endoscopy 2017

"New Choice Health was a lifesaver! I live in Alaska where medical costs are very high and choices are limited. I am uninsured for the first time in my life thanks to government intervention in our health care. After pricing a gallbladder operation in Alaska, I did not think I could afford to have it done. I accidentally found New Choice Health on the Internet -- and what a lifesaver! They had excellent service and provided me with several outstanding choices. I ended up traveling to Maryland to have the operation done and was VERY pleased. I loved the doctor. I loved the surgery center. And I loved the outcome. Thank you, New Choice Health! I would and have recommended you to friends."

Gloria S., Gallbladder Surgery Patient 2017
Gloria S.Gallbladder Surgery 2017

"I've never had surgery to alter anything on my body so this was scary! I had umbilicoplasty to remove an enlarged outie belly button I've had that turned into a visible hernia I wore for 31 years! It gave me body image issues, and people could never understand why. See, surgery for body image issues isn't always about liposuction, augmenting breasts, or butt lifts...everyone has their own reasons. Mine prevented me from ever wearing a bikini or feeling beautiful naked. In 2016, I was shopping for deals and things were WAY out of my price range, and eventually I postponed considering it for a whole year! In February of 2017, one month before my 32nd birthday, I decided to try again and stumbled onto a site I've never heard before and inquired. Immediately, Brad from NewChoiceHealth was with me every step of the way. From finding an extremely inexpensive procedure immediately ($3500 less than what I was finding...AND a place to take me without insurance), to booking with a decent down payment that was applied to my total procedure amount, to finance questions, and even months after my surgery to follow-up and keep in contact when I had follow-up appointments! He chose an amazing facility that was very understanding of the timeframe it took for my friend to get off work to come and pick me up. From beginning to end, I had the surgeon, nurses, assistants, and registration team checking on me and giving me the best care possible that day! I probably met about 10 people in my room! This outpatient procedure was done in about an hour and I woke up with minimal pain and scarring and went home that day! In April of 2017, I wore my first bikini and no longer have body image issues! No matter how minor the surgery was to everyone else, it was major to changing my life! Again, the best decision I've ever made! Thanks, NewChoiceHealth! "

Cherlisa J., Umbilicoplasty Patient 2017
Cherlisa J.Umbilicoplasty 2017

"Everything is going wonderful! My experience with the physician and staff was fantastic. Healing going well with very minor pain. I’m so glad I got hooked up with Patient Assist and Oak Brook. Dr Wu was very professional and explained everything about the procedure in detail. Also all the nurses and medical assistance went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable at all times. Patient Assist and Oak Brook will be my choice if any medical procedures are needed in the future. Thanks also to Victoria for her help in making it a smooth venture.

Another thing was the cost of the procedure. I was looking at 17-20K, by going the traditional way of doctors and hospitals. Was able to get it done for far less than half, which was great for a self employed contractor, with no insurance."

John D., Hernia Repair Patient 2018
John D.Hernia Repair Surgery 2018

"Victoria this was AWESOME.....such a life saver :)

Rusty is doing quite well....has his follow-up coming up next week....and life is slowly getting back to normal!

I've gone on FB and told everybody about this service....given your name, #, and the website. Y'all need to get the word out more! Hoping you'll get some biz out of it! "

Rusty K., Hernia Repair Surgery Patient 2018
Wife of Rusty K.Hernia Repair Surgery 2018

"I am happy to share my story. First off, I'm a 43 year old male on day 3 of my umbilical hernia surgery recovery. Things are going exactly how the doctor said they would. Still in pain, but much better each day. I learned of New Choice Health and Patient Assist through my girlfriend, who is a Doctor at the University of Houston. She recommended I call them, as I don't have insurance. I had made a few calls already and was not thrilled that most were going to be around $10,000. I was very pleased to find that New Choice Health offered a Doctor in Lake Jackson, TX for well under half. They recommended a few and some were closer but I chose the extra drive for the cheaper price. My girlfriend and I looked into the Doctor and found nothing but positive feed back, to which I will add to, great bed side manner, and even gave me his personal cell phone number in case I had an emergency before my surgery. Which I did, I got the flu 3 days before my surgery. It was right before Christmas and his office wasn't open, but I called him on his cell phone and he assured me everything would be taken care of and to only concentrate on feeling better then call his Secretary to reschedule. Victoria with Patient Assist was also very understanding and helpful and told me not to worry, it would not change my cost or anything like that.
After my payment in full before my first visit I was never asked to pay an additional penny by anyone. All the staff at the Brazoria County Surgical Center, Dr. James Maguire's office, and Victoria with New Choice Health, were very professional and friendly. I would absolutely recommend all of them to anyone with surgery needs that doesn't have insurance (or do have insurance for that matter)."

Lance C., Hernia Repair Surgery Patient 2018
Lance C.Hernia Repair Surgery 2018

"I wanted to let you know how much your assistance was appreciated, I needed a medical procedure and without any Health Insurance the cost was going to be very expensive. New Health Choice came up in a google search, I did some research and from everything I read I made contact with you and from there it was so easy and painless. I went in for the procedure and everyone was so nice and friendly, they all wanted to make sure that I did not have any unanswered questions. When I need another procedure done I will be contacting you FIRST to see if Patient Assist can help.

Thank you so much. "

Patient Assist Logo
Melanie R.Colonoscopy 2018

"Well, after having my insurance policy cancelled I became a self pay individual. So when my colonoscopy was due in December, I checked with the people that did it 3 years ago. They gave me a cash price of about $1,880. So I went online to check prices and your website came up. After contacting you, you gave me a much better price. For savings over $500, I thought it was worth a try. The only catch was that I would have to drive an hour to the facility you specified for that price. I thought the savings was worth the drive.

The people that did the procedure were excellent. The facility was clean and well run. The doctor was great and very good bedside manor. My experience overall gets top ratings.

Thank you for all your help."

Patient Assist Logo
Les P.Colonoscopy 2017

"When my wife started having gallbladder pains, I was very anxious about lack of insurance. Researching the traditional costs of the procedure compounded this, as many local hospitals quoted the procedure up to $30,000! Finding Patient Assist was a big relief, our Care Coordinator Katie was able to find us a clinic that was willing to do the procedure for far less than a third of the hospital costs. The official diagnosis hadn't been yet completed, so the timeline of our needs was pretty vague, Katie was patient, understanding, and prompt with answers to our questions as we struggled with assessing the timeline of when the procedure would be necessary and how to go about paying for it. I recommend the Patient Assist service to anyone caught in a bind, in need of a procedure getting done quickly and affordably."

Patient Assist Logo
Bruno L., Husband of PatientGallbladder Surgery 2017

"Well I was giving up. I had gallstones. I had gone to the ER - lots of them... lots of hospitals and all of them turned me down because none of them wanted to do surgery because I had no insurance - they wanted a lot of money. Finally after hours and hours on the internet trying to find help I saw this website New Choice Health. I called but it was Sunday they were not open so next day - first thing in the morning - Victoria calls me. Extremely nice, she told me there were several options close to me. They were a little bit far - not to far - but it they were less expensive. I could not believe my gallbladder and umbilical hernia surgery - they were so cheap compared to the hospitals that are so expensive. Victoria helped me a lot - I mean a lot - she emailed me the medical release paper so I could fill it out. She figured out everything. She faxed everything. She talked to the DRs office manager. I did not needed to do anything difficult - I just received the call for my consultation and my surgery date. Victoria did all the hard work. It was so awesome to get such a great price for those two procedures. I applied for care credit - Victoria helped me do that too. It's going to be a week after my surgery. I feel so much better, thanks to all! I can go on with my life - living without fear. Knowing I will not get a gallstone attack - the most horrible pain ever - is amazing. Thank you so much!!"

Melissa D., Gallbladder Surgery Patient 2018
Melissa D.Gallbladder Surgery 2018

"I needed a hernia operation and was without medical insurance. The hospital surgeon estimated a cash price of $8-$10,000. The team at New Choice arranged my surgery for less than a quarter of that price. Victoria planned everything and stayed involved the whole way through post-op. I felt sincere concern from her for my situation. She handled all the details. She made it EASY.

Happy? Well, New Choice is searching for me again ...this time for a back surgery. That’s how happy I am with them. "

Dean K., Spine Surgery 2018
Dean K.Hernia Surgery 2017

"I would like to thank you for your help in getting my procedure done a lot more affordably.

My brother had hernia repair last year so I called the doctor owned surgery center to see if they provided any cash or no insurance prices. They put me in touch with New Choice Health. After a brief phone interview and filling out a little paperwork I was put in contact with the surgery center.

My procedure went very well and the Doctor and his staff were fantastic. New Choice Health has checked on me a couple times afterwards and I would highly recommend them and this process to anyone. Thank you so much for your help.

In was a very smooth process with New Choice Health's help.


Gordon V., Hernia Surgery Patient 2018
Gordon V.Hernia Surgery 2018

"My experience with Patient Assist, part of New Choice Health, has been such a positive one, that I would like to share!

I found this organization through a search on the web, while trying to research an excellent surgeon for a hernia repair. I do not have traditional health insurance, so I am always looking for a good valve, when it comes to medical care. I contacted Patient Assist, through email, and they promptly gave me a call. The surgeon that participates with Patient Assist, had been recommended to me by a surgical RN, who stated that this surgeon is "the best laparoscopic doctor I have ever worked with." Things could not have gone any smoother and I made an appointment with the surgeon.

I have now completed my surgery, which went very well, and returned to work five days later. I give all the credit to the surgeon, who helped me with a fast recovery, and I think I feel better than I deserve! The team at Patient Assist, are hard working, honest, caring, and reply to your concerns quickly and professionally. There are no hidden costs and this gives you peace of mind before your surgery. Even the surgery center is top notch, well known to me before my surgery.

My decision to use Patient Assist was merely a financial one, but a very fine decision it was! I will recommend Patient Assist to all my friends and family."

Carlene D., Hernia Surgery Patient 2018
Carlene D.Hernia Surgery 2018

"I am so glad I found Patient Assist. I had a hernia for almost a year. It was getting worse and worse. I couldn't afford the surgery, even with insurance. The copay was over $6500. Then, I lost my job, and my health insurance. I started researching hernia surgery and surgery centers. I came across a blog about someone in the same predicament, and it had a link to Patient Assist in it. I started researching and it looked looked too good to be true. I put in my information, and within minutes, a representative called me and explained the services and started working on helping me. My surgery was scheduled within a week of the first call.

I have to admit, I was super leery and skeptical about sending so much money to someone I had only spoke to on the phone. The rep had given me information and links to research the surgery center and surgeon that I was referred to. I did as much research and fishing around as I possibly could and found nothing negative. I even searched with the Better Business Bureau. I took the leap of faith that this was real, and sent the money. This leap of faith saved me about $6000!!!

Everyone at Pacific Surgery Center was so nice and helpful, from the first phone call, to discharge after the surgery.
Thank you so much for your help and your services. I will recommend Patient Assist to everyone. "

Heather S., Hernia Surgery Patient 2018
Heather S.Hernia Surgery 2018

"I had a colonoscopy about 10 years ago. I had insurance through work. When I received the bill for that colonoscopy I was shocked at the amount. The bill was quite large, the insurance got the amount down but it was still a lot of money. The doctor said, because they cut some polyps off, I needed to come back in three years. Within those three years, I had gone with a self-pay insurance and I was not going to pay that kind of money out-of-pocket.

Then I came across New Choice. I was very skeptical because of the difference between the two costs. I investigated the company as much as I could. And then I took a chance and filled out the application. They got back to me right away.
The worker that was assigned to me was Wes. He was very kind and helpful. He was a great advocate for me. He helped me and answered all my questions. I got scheduled to get a colonoscopy. I have to admit, I was still skeptical. In fact, when I paid, I was just hoping this whole thing was real and it wasn’t a scam.

The nurses, orderlies, and doctors at the center were absolutely wonderful. Each doctor, the anesthesiologist and the doctor doing the surgery, came and spoke with me. They asked me questions and clarified a lot of things that happened to me in the past. They were very friendly and very upbeat people. The nurses and I got along great! We laughed together and sang songs together and just had a good time talking and interacting. Everything went smoothly and I had no problems. I have not had any problems since.

Wes did an amazing job in helping me. This company is the real thing! I was very happy with the help I received and the price that I paid. Don't be afraid to use New Choice!

Jean S., Colonoscopy Patient 2018
Jean S.Colonoscopy 2018

"I just wanted to take a moment and leave my thoughts regarding my experiences with Patient Assist.

Without having health insurance coverage I was truly skeptical that I would receive the same quality care as those patients who came before me. I was unnecessarily concerned as my experience with Patient Assist and Dr. Amshel and his staff was flawless. Every aspect of my process was conveniently easy and without any hiccups whatsoever.

Thank you and I will not only continue to use this service but will refer you to others. Well done!"

Patient Assist Logo
Brian E.Colonoscopy 2018

"While doing a Google search for low cost colonoscopy clinics, I came across the New Choice Health ad and filled out the short information form.

Within minutes Wes called and explained that his service catered to folks like me, who are uninsured and self-paying for health procedures.

Wes quoted an all inclusive price for the colonoscopy several hundred dollars below the starting price given by the clinic that had done my other colonoscopies.

Plus, the other clinic, even after I told them the price Wes had given me, was unwilling to negotiate, and said I would be charged extra depending on how much anesthesia was needed, how many polyps had to be removed and the lab work done on those polyps.

Triangle Gastroenterology, the clinic Wes set me up with, was a 1.5 hour drive away, but since I would be saving hundreds of dollars, it was well worth it.

Although I was summoned back to the operating area about 40 minutes after my appointment time, once I was there, the preparation area was clean, uncluttered and well arranged.

The staff was friendly, efficient and skillful. I was confident I was in good hands.

Also, there were no questions about having prepaid through New Choice Health, although the staff handling the paperwork referred to it as Colon Assist.

I woke up in the recovery area about 1 hour and 40 minutes after being called back.

The anesthesiologist and the surgeon both came in to check on me.

The surgeon gave me paper work showing images of the colon and polyps before they were removed, with all the interesting facts including the time in and out for the actual procedure.

The surgeon also gave me a useful verbal report.

Possibly owing to my excellent overall health, I had no residual effects from the anesthesia, no dizziness or problems with balance and was able to leave the clinic unaided.

I was able to eat a nice lunch within 20 minutes of leaving the clinic.

Other than getting rid of the air they put in me to open things up, there was no great discomfort and no nausea, so I don't really feel like I had a recovery time.

Although I had the mandatory friend who drove me home, I felt like I could have driven myself.

Charles H., Colonoscopy Patient 2018
Charles H.Colonoscopy 2018

"We are home for a week before returning to have Emily's follow up visit next Monday. The procedure went well and she is resting comfortably. We were very pleased with the doctor and facility, and certainly appreciate all of your help in setting this up for us."

Emily B., Hernia Patient 2018
Glenn B., husband of patientHernia Surgery 2018

"My husband is an independent contractor and we can not afford insurance. I was ill for two and a half months and spent several thousand dollars in tests at my local hospital before finding out my Gall Bladder was not functioning properly. Surgery was recommended – $270.00 for surgery consult, $11,000.00 for use of hospital, $2,500 - $5000.00 for surgeon and this didn’t include the Anesthesia. I could not afford these prices, so a friend of mine was helping me look for a cheaper solution. I was discouraged to find that all other hospitals/surgery centers near us were comparable to the cost I had been quoted. A day or so later, my friend called me and said she had contacted a place called New Choice Health. To make a long story short, I could not believe the price they quoted me. I thought it was either too good to be true. I had my doubts, but continued on. It was a true blessing! From the very beginning, everything went so smooth. You will be amazed at how helpful everyone is. I had to travel 6 hours to the Surgery Center for my surgery, but let me tell you, it was well worth the drive. Not only did I save thousands of dollars, I was treated and cared for by very polite and educated staff. The entire surgery staff left me with no doubts that I was in good hands. I would like to say a big thank you to the doctor for his professionalism and very kind bed side manners. I had no idea that a program like this one even existed these days. Thank you Wes for all your help in making this a very easy process. Thank God for people wanting to help those of us less fortunate."

Lora S., Gallbladder Patient 2018
Lora S.Gallbladder Surgery 2018

"I am writing to thank you for all your help with my surgery. I tore my ACL, did not have insurance and was unable to work. I needed to get the problem resolved quickly or I could lose my apartment. When I started calling Dr’s offices to get quotes on an ACL surgery, I found out how hard it was going to be to find a surgeon. While calling for quotes, almost no one was willing to even talk to me without insurance. If they would talk to me, as soon as I asked for a quote, they would say they cannot give me a quote without coming into the office at anywhere from $200 to $300 a pop. How am I supposed to find a fair cash price when I have to pay $200-$300 for each quote? No one would be willing to do that. Naturally I was pretty bummed out about the whole deal and I was starting to lose hope and that’s when I found Patient Assist. After talking with Victoria and explaining that I needed a surgery A.S.A.P., I felt better knowing there was a company out there that helped people in my situation, but I was still feeling pessimistic. Within a week I had a fair quote from a surgeon and my surgery scheduled! I couldn’t believe it, it was such a huge relief. Even when I had a little money dispute with the doctor Victoria stepped in and made the whole situation perfect. I want to thank Victoria and Patient Assist with all of their help and I would like to let everyone know that 5 weeks after ACL reconstruction surgery, I am healing way ahead of schedule and I am feeling great.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

Eric H., Knee Surgery Patient 2018
Eric H.Knee Surgery 2018

"28 years ago I injured my back in a JetSki accident. After a chiropractor miracle, I was told my back was going to be a problem “when you get older“. 15 years later I have another dramatic back episode. It took two hours to inch myself 15 feet across the floor to get to the phone to call for help. A herniated disc had me in constant, excruciating pain, and bedridden for three weeks. Then, another chiropractic miracle, and again the comment that my back will be a problem when I got older.

Earlier this year, reaching out to pet the dog, I had another cataclysmic back failure. I spent 10 hours writhing in pain ...even after taking morphine. I refer to the next five weeks as my ‘baptism of pain’. The MRI revealed a constriction in the area of my decades-earlier injury. This time there was to be no chiropractor miracle. “You’re getting older”, they said. My spinal cord was so severely pinched that the specialists said they didn’t know how I was even able to walk. I was looking at a “$25,000” laminectomy with no health insurance. In fact, they couldn’t tell me how much it would actually cost because there were a number of different entities involved in the operation that would each be generating their own invoices. It might cost thousands more.

Having had wonderful success in the past with New Choice Health, I called them again. Brad went to work, and assembled a team, including a prestigious orthopedic group in Atlanta, to do the work for only a third of the cost quoted to me by ‘the system’. I was quoted a set price and assured there would be no surprises invoices after the procedure. Everything about the actual surgery exceeded my expectations. The facility and the medical team were spectacular. Amazingly, because of the latest technology, the doctors were able to do this as an outpatient procedure! I went in at 9:00 am, and WALKED out at 1 pm! I was warned that I may have to learn to live with a certain amount of pain, but six days later I was able to pronounce myself ‘pain free’! Knowing the incapacitating pain I was in earlier, I wake up every morning, now, with an attitude of gratitude.

A few weeks later I got a check in the mail for around $1000. New Choice had negotiated special rates with the providers, and they sent me a rebate after the fact. It is a fact that because I made a ‘New Choice’, I had a major medical procedure with a surgical team that exceeded my expectations at a price almost a quarter of what I would’ve paid otherwise. Thanks you guys!"

Dean K., Spine Surgery 2018
Dean K.Spine Surgery 2018

"The procedure went well and was well worth the drive. I was fortunate to have a friend willing to assist me there. The Surgical Center was a MUCH different experience than Providence Hospital or any Hospital for that matter. In fact, I did not see another patient being prepped or in recovery lol! It was a “chill” experience.

Big reason for me was the Dr. Nhat and the confidence I had with him. I decided with Dr. Nyugen-Minh because of how he explained my choices along. Equally important was New Choice and the help you gave in finding him. I am grateful for coming across your company and your service."

Derek N., Hernia Patient, 2018
Derek N.Hernia Surgery 2018

"I had the pre-op Monday with doctor Maguire and to be honest the doctors office is scary and outdated but the people and service are great. The doctor gave me his personal cell number. We visited the surgical center that same day - excellent facility. I asked a nurse about the doctor she said I've been a nurse here for 18 years and Dr. Maguire was already here. She also said that if she were to have her gallbladder removed she would trust Dr. Maguire to do it. Went Wednesday for the procedure - I was scared but the staff was super friendly and answered all my questions. They put me to sleep and that was it - don't remember a thing! Thank you Victoria for your help and New Choice Health. People like me would be in deep financial stress if it wasn't for this less expensive option."

Jorge T., Gallbladder Surgery patient 2018
Jorge T.Gallbladder Surgery 2018

"The was a great experience for me. I am so happy I went to this place. Your program is legitimate and professional and most of all not expensive. I will give all my friends recommendations to use New Choice. Thank you Wes."

Henry P., Endoscopy patient 2018
Henry P.Endoscopy 2018

"It turns out my wife Rhonda and I were both due our preventative colonoscopy screenings this year. Facing not one but two expensive medical procedures, needless to say, we were very concerned about the financial impact this would have on our budget. We price-shopped the local hospital and gastro-enterology clinic, and were a bit shocked at the price estimates we were given. Not only were the estimates higher than we expected, there was also no guarantee that the prices wouldn’t go up substantially if biopsies were required. After conducting a bit of online research, Rhonda ran across the website of Patient Assist/New Choice Health.

From the information found on the website, Rhonda contacted Patient Assist Care Coordinator Wes and explained our situation. In short order, Wes had us firm price quotes from a reputable gastro-enterology provider in their network less than an hour’s drive away. The price quote was less than half those of the other providers we had shopped! And their price was “all-inclusive”….one fixed priced, regardless of whether biopsies or additional lab work should be necessary. After checking a few references and assuring ourselves the recommended provider was in fact reputable, Rhonda and I gave Wes the “go-ahead”. Wes then went right to work and helped us coordinate appointments with the provider, painlessly and effortlessly, providing all necessary paperwork and clear instructions. The entire process was a breeze.

Our procedures were in June 2018, two weeks apart, but both Rhonda’s and my experiences with the provider were exactly the same; totally positive! Since our payments had been coordinated through New Choice Health, all we had to do was check in at the reception desk and wait briefly for the nurse to call us back. Both our procedures were a breeze, as well. The Doctor and the entire staff of professionals that attended to us before, during, and after, were professional, thorough, and very compassionate. For each of us, our experience was as pleasant as a colonoscopy can possibly be!

In summary, we were thoroughly pleased with Patient Assist/New Choice Health and the provider they recommended. We saved a bunch of money, and the entire process couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Rhonda and I will definitely check with New Choice Health should any future medical needs arise, and we wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking the best value for their medical services.


Kenny & Rhonda S., Colonoscopy patients 2018
Kenneth & Rhonda S.Colonoscopy 2018

"I don't have health insurance. My original doctor was asking approximately $20,000. I found New Choice Health on-line. I was very skeptical in the beginning, How could I get a procedure done so cheap, compared to other health providers? Thanks to New Choice Health, I was able to do this much cheaper. Everything is going great! My experience with the staff, physician and his staff was fantastic! Dr. Heilizer staff assisted me to and from my hotel room in Chicago. Amazing service! I highly recommend anyone needing a hernia surgery to look into this program. Thank you again New Choice Health for the great experience and for saving me dollars!!!"

John S., Hernia patient 2018
John S.Hernia Surgery 2018

"I am recovering nicely at this point. It is Saturday, August 4th and I am one week and day out from the surgical procedure. I will be checking in with my primary care physician this week for follow up. I checked to make sure this would be acceptable since we are five hours away from Atlanta. There is some residual pain and the incision is beginning to itch, which is a good sign of healing. No fever, bleeding or signs of infection, which is very good. Overall, I feel that things are going very well. We were very pleased with the wonderful staff at Perimeter and would not hesitate to recommend your services to others. Also Patient Assist did a wonderful service for me and again, I would heartily recommend you to others and will do so as I have a wide circle of those that I have influence over. Thank you for making my experience a very positive one. "

Don V., Hernia Repair patient 2018
Don V.Hernia Surgery 2018

"My experience as a first time client of Patient Assist has left a lasting positive impression on me for a lifetime. Every element of the service experience was top notch. Victoria was pleasant, polished and professional in walking me through the entire process and followed up following each step in the process. She handed me off to Juliette at the facility who made my intake process very easy. The medical staff and doctors were very warm, professional and knowledgeable about the procedure I was undergoing. The anesthesiologist had a great sense of humor which I very much appreciated given that this was my very first time going under sedation. It helped to ease my anxiety. Juliette followed up again to ensure all went well with my procedure. It is so refreshing to receive an all-star experience from start to finish. Client for life!"

Noel S. Colonoscopy 2018
Noel S.Colonoscopy 2018

"Excellent agency. Could not have had a better experience. Everything was followed up with promptly and all my questions were answered before I even thought to ask them. Went in confident knowing that I everything that could have gone wrong was already addressed and no surprises occurred upon procedure time. Thanks! and keep up the good work!"

Davis W. Colonoscopy 2018
Davis W.Colonoscopy 2018

"My father refused to get surgery done for his gallstones because of the price. After awhile the pain got so bad, we decided that it had to be done no matter the cost. I was just on Google when I stumbled on a website that just so happened to be for New Choice Health. I entered my email thinking that nothing would come of it, but lo and behold, it was real, and more importantly it wasn't a scam. With that said, thank you Victoria for making this process as easy as possible. She was with us every step of the way, answering all of our questions and doing her best to provide us with the best service. My family and I can't thank her enough for everything she's done. A company is only as good as the people who work for it, and they really have the most amazing people there. Thank you!"

Grace K. (daughter of the patient, David)Gallbladder Surgery 2018

"I was looking for a surgeon to fix my umbilical hernia because my insurance would not cover it. My local surgical center was unwilling to let me pick my surgeon or give me a ball park price ahead of time in order to budget for payment. While I was Googling different options I found Patient Assist and thought I would try and see what information they had available. Turns out it was the best decision I made. Not only did I get a great price for my procedure ahead of time but I was also recommended a five star rated surgeon and facility to have my procedure done. My adviser Victoria was so knowledgeable, understanding and hands on from start to finish and then some. I 100% recommend this service to people that want to be in control of their procedure cost, doctors and facilities."

Lisa K, Hernia 2018
Lisa K.Hernia Surgery 2018

"I wanted to thank you so much for everything you did to ensure Jim's surgery went without a hitch. I don't know what we would have done without you!! The surgery was a breeze and the physician and staff provided excellent care. I would definitely recommend your organization as well as Dr. Suarez to any patient looking to have hernia surgery. Jim did so well that he actually went to Target (to pick up a few things) the evening of his surgery. Men... LOL "

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Kim C., wife of the patientHernia Surgery 2018

"Greetings from Canada!!

A few weeks ago I was very worried about my health. I had been on a very long waiting list due to my age group with our medical system here. (I live in an area with many seniors) unable to go to a different province for a funded colonoscopy, I was lucky to have family to turn to. The funds were offered (unless it cost a HUGE amount) to allow this to work to ensure my health was stable.

I emailed Patient Assist and received a call and email very efficiently the same day, I think! On the other end was a wonderful person named Victoria. She made it so easy for me to talk to and gave me step by step instructions to get the ball moving.

Having lived in a government sanctioned single payer healthcare system I was very concerned with the price. I have heard of frightening costs, and our system can scare us about where we would be without it, and all of that is true. Mostly.

When I received my quote of under $1500 my heart leapt! I emailed my family and bingo! All I needed was help at work! And I got that!!

Before I knew it I was off to Washington State in beautiful Poulsbo, where I received a special rate for hotels for being a patient at the very warm, caring Pacific Surgery Center. Their office scheduler and supervisor, Angela, and the entire support staff of Dr. Guenterberg were so calming about everything in a system I didn’t know at all.

The prep was better than here in Canada which was another huge bonus. A word of wisdom: go for the suprep.
The Surgeon was amazing, my nurse was so warm! She cared about my concerns and listened when I needed to be assured.

I even heard from Patient Assist that day. Everyone followed up. Thanks to you all, I am healthy, assured and more comfortable! And isn’t that the point!?!?

Thanks everyone."

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Mia P.Colonoscopy 2018

"There’s not much worse than being sick and frightened in an unfamiliar health care system, even one as sophisticated as the US. As a self-pay patient living in expensive Southern California, I was ill and stressed out when I found Patient Assist online. Victoria answered immediately and was kind and understanding while I waited for a last test result. I admit I was skeptical about discounted package deals, but I could not have received better assistance and care. I did have to travel a few hours, but it was more than worth it to save 75% of the procedure cost. The surgeon was friendly and top notch, the facility was new and modern, the staff was terrific, and the anesthesiologist took extra care of my spine and medication issues. I was in worse shape than I thought, but the surgeon just dealt with what he found, kept my husband updated, and cleaned me up like new. Victoria, the surgical team, and Patient Assist were truly heaven sent. Thank you!!! Please, if you’re reading this, don’t hesitate to use this service. Do your own research too, but know that these helpful people are the real thing."

Alison G., Gallbladder Surgery 2018
Alison G.Gallbladder Surgery 2018

"I have been more than pleased with the services of Patient Assist. When I discovered that my medical insurance specifically excluded hernia surgery, I went searching for an alternative to the more than $13,000.00 that the hospital surgery would have cost me. I found prices ranging from $6,000.00 (not locally) to $8,500 at a local center. I was continuing my search and found New Choice on the web. Victoria was able to set me up with an excellent surgeon who performed the surgery three weeks ago with no issues at all. Everything went as planned and all of the care by both the surgeon and his staff could not have gone better. Expensive, but at $4,250, I feel I received great care and value.

I would highly recommend Victoria and her team as an alternative to paying the fees hospitals command. Very professional and a high level of communication from her made this a surprisingly pleasant experience.

Patient Assist Logo
Kevin D.Hernia Surgery 2018

""I highly recommend patient assist program. I was hesitant about using the program. The concierge Mrs. Victoria answered my questions and even provided written answer so to put my mind at ease. When I went to my surgeon for first visit the bill was taken care of and I asked him about the program he said it was great. I ended up paying a lot less for surgery than it would have cost with me trying to find out who I would have to pay. Even when my concierge had to take a few days off there was someone else that was aware of my case. Everything went smoothly. Thank you""

Earnest N.Hernia Surgery 2019