Phoenix, AZ: Heart EKG (Transthoracic - Echocardiogram) Cost Comparison

A Heart EKG (Transthoracic - Echocardiogram) costs $2,378 in Phoenix when you average the List Price of the 53 medical providers who perform Heart EKG (Transthoracic - Echocardiogram) procedures in the Phoenix, AZ area. In healthcare, the List Price of a procedure is similar to a manufacturer's "Suggested Retail Price" so it's important to shop and compare providers to get the best price. When you use NewChoiceHealth's Certified Providers, you can save between 40%-60% off this $2,378 List Price. Start shopping today and see what you can save! Get a Free Quote!

Heart EKG (Transthoracic - Echocardiogram) Cost Report - Phoenix, AZ


Compare Heart EKG (Transthoracic - Echocardiogram) Providers in Phoenix, AZ

Facility Name City Avg. List Price
Sun Health MRI Center Sun City West $1,200.00
Saint Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center Phoenix $3,400.00
Mayo Clinic Hospital Phoenix $1,600.00
Pinnacle Radiology Anthem $1,200.00
John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital Phoenix $3,400.00
Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Scottsdale $2,775.00
Arizona Heart Hospital Phoenix $3,100.00
Casa Grande Regional Medical Center Casa Grande $2,100.00
Paradise Valley Hospital Phoenix $1,400.00
Sun Health Lakes Imaging Center Sun City $1,200.00
Los Ninos Hospital Phoenix $4,800.00
Arrowhead Hospital Glendale $3,200.00
TMC Advanced Imaging Phoenix $1,200.00
Tempe Saint Luke's Hospital Tempe $3,400.00
Pinnacle Radiology Phoenix $1,200.00
Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Phoenix $1,200.00
Arizona Medical Imaging Physicians Phoenix $1,200.00
Banner Baywood Medical Center Mesa $2,625.00
Maricopa Medical Center Phoenix $1,650.00
West Valley Hospital Goodyear $3,200.00
TMC Advanced Imaging - Tempe Tempe $1,200.00
Benora Imaging Phoenix $1,200.00
Scottsdale Medical Imaging Scottsdale $1,200.00
John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital Phoenix $3,300.00
TMC Advanced Imaging - Arrowhead Glendale $1,200.00
Pinnacle Radiology Phoenix $1,200.00
Sun Health Del E. Webb Memorial Hospital Sun City $3,500.00
Wickenburg Community Hospital Wickenburg $4,400.00
Sun Radiology Peoria $1,200.00
Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Scottsdale $2,850.00
Sun Radiology Peoria $1,200.00
Desert Valley Radiology Phoenix $1,200.00
Barix Clinics of Arizona Scottsdale $3,700.00
TMC Advanced Imaging - Scottsdale Scottsdale $1,200.00
Sun Health Boswell Hospital Sun City $3,500.00
TMC Advanced Imaging - Chandler Chandler $1,200.00
Banner Baywood Heart Hospital Mesa $3,800.00
Phoenix Children's Hospital Phoenix $4,800.00
Banner Desert Medical Center Mesa $2,925.00
Chandler Regional Hospital Chandler $2,775.00
EVDI Medical Imaging Mesa $1,200.00
Saint Luke's Medical Center Phoenix $3,500.00
Stand-up MRI of Arizona Peoria $1,200.00
Phoenix Baptist Hospital Phoenix $3,200.00
Banner Thunderbird Medical Center Glendale $3,100.00
Gilbert Hospital Gilbert $4,400.00
Maryvale Hospital Medical Center Phoenix $2,550.00
Banner Estrella Medical Center Phoenix $4,200.00
Arizona Advanced Imaging Center Mesa $1,200.00
TMC Advanced Imaging - Palm Valley Goodyear $1,200.00
Banner Mesa Medical Center Mesa $3,300.00
Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center Phoenix $3,200.00
AZ-Tech Radiology Gilbert $1,200.00

Phoenix, AZ

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