Tucson, AZ: Eye Exam (Ultrasound Echography) Cost Comparison

An Eye Exam (Ultrasound Echography) costs $262 in Tucson when you average the List Price of the 14 medical providers who perform Eye Exam (Ultrasound Echography) procedures in the Tucson, AZ area. In healthcare, the List Price of a procedure is similar to a manufacturer's "Suggested Retail Price" so it's important to shop and compare providers to get the best price. When you use NewChoiceHealth's Certified Providers, you can save between 40%-60% off this $262 List Price. Start shopping today and see what you can save! Get a Free Quote!

Eye Exam (Ultrasound Echography) Cost Report - Tucson, AZ


Compare Eye Exam (Ultrasound Echography) Providers in Tucson, AZ

Facility Name City Avg. List Price
X-Ray Physicians, Ltd Tucson $240.00
University Physicians Healthcare Hospital at Kino Tucson $550.00
Tucson OpenScan MRI Tucson $240.00
Assured Imaging Women's Wellness Marana $240.00
Eastside Imaging Tucson $240.00
St Mary's Imaging Center Tucson $240.00
Southern Arizona Diagnositc Imaging Tucson $240.00
Carondelet Medical Mall at Rita Ranch Tucson $240.00
Mgg Imaging Vail $240.00
Carondelet Medical Mall at Green Valley Green Valley $240.00
Carondelet Imaging Center Tucson $240.00
Rapid Sound, Inc. Scottsdale $240.00
Advanced Open MRI of Tucson Tucson $240.00
Northwest Tucson Advanced Imaging Tucson $240.00

Tucson, AZ

Eye Exam (Ultrasound Echography) Savings Estimate

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Shopping and comparing NewChoiceHealth certified providers can save you on average 40-60% off list price.
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