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A X-Ray in Vincennes costs $955 on average when you average the List Price of the 2 medical providers who perform X-Ray procedures in Vincennes, IN.

The cheapest X-Ray list price in Vincennes is $90 for a Finger X-Ray while the most expensive X-Ray list price is $8,400 for a X-Ray of Bile Duct or Pancreas.

There are 57 different types of X-Ray provided in Vincennes, listed below, and the list price for each is different. As a healthcare consumer you should understand that the list price of a medical procedure is similar to a Manufacturer's "Suggested Retail Price" and if you shop from the Vincennes prviders below you may be able to save money. When you use NewChoiceHealth's Certified Providers, you can save between 40%-60% off List Price. Start shopping today and see what you can save! Get a Free Quote!

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Procedure Average Cost
Abdominal X-Ray Cost Average $525.00
Ankle X-Ray Cost Average $170.00
Aorta X-Ray (Aortography) Cost Average $1,850.00
Bladder X-Ray Cost Average $420.00
Body X Ray Cost Average $1,050.00
Bone X-Ray Cost Average $1,250.00
Breastbone X-Ray Cost Average $170.00
Chest X-Ray Cost Average $360.00
Colon X-Ray Cost Average $575.00
Elbow X-Ray Cost Average $270.00
Eye X-Ray Cost Average $600.00
Facial X-Ray Cost Average $200.00
Finger X-Ray Cost Average $90.00
Foot X-Ray Cost Average $170.00
Forearm X-Ray Cost Average $190.00
Gallbladder X-Ray (Cholecystography) Cost Average $290.00
GI Tract X-Ray Cost Average $380.00
Hand X-Ray Cost Average $180.00
Hip X-Ray Cost Average $270.00
Jaw X-Ray Cost Average $200.00
Knee X-Ray Cost Average $190.00
Leg X-Ray Cost Average $210.00
Mastoid X-Ray Cost Average $170.00
Nasal X-Ray Cost Average $110.00
Neck X-Ray Cost Average $260.00
Pelvic X-Ray Cost Average $320.00
Pituitary Saddle X-Ray Cost Average $140.00
Rib X-Ray Cost Average $250.00
Sacroiliac Joint X-Ray Cost Average $240.00
Salivary Duct X-Ray Cost Average $480.00
Shoulder X-Ray Cost Average $200.00
Sinus X-Ray Cost Average $160.00
Skull X-Ray Cost Average $650.00
Small Bowel X-Ray (Small Intestine) Cost Average $230.00
Spine X-Ray Cost Average $260.00
Tailbone X-Ray Cost Average $330.00
Teeth X-Ray Cost Average $150.00
Thigh X-Ray Cost Average $290.00
Wrist X-Ray Cost Average $180.00
X-Ray of Artery - Abdominal (Angiography) Cost Average $1,850.00
X-Ray of Artery - Adrenal Gland (Angiography) Cost Average $1,850.00
X-Ray of Artery - Arm (Angiography) Cost Average $1,900.00
X-Ray of Artery - Chest (Angiography) Cost Average $1,900.00
X-Ray of Artery - Head and Neck (Angiography) Cost Average $1,950.00
X-Ray of Artery - Kidney (Angiography) Cost Average $1,950.00
X-Ray of Artery - Pelvis (Angiography) Cost Average $1,850.00
X-Ray of Artery - Spine (Angiography) Cost Average $1,900.00
X-Ray of Bile Duct Cost Average $625.00
X-Ray of Bile Duct or Pancreas Cost Average $8,400.00
X-Ray of Blood Vessel (Angiography) Cost Average $1,550.00
X-Ray of Brain Cost Average $800.00
X-Ray of Toe Cost Average $110.00
X-Ray of Urinary Tract (Urography) Cost Average $525.00
X-Ray of Vein in Arm or Leg (Venography) Cost Average $7,800.00
X-Ray of Vein in Liver Cost Average $1,800.00
X-Ray of Vein in Neck Cost Average $1,900.00
X-Ray of Vein in Trunk (Venography) Cost Average $1,750.00

Compare X-Ray Providers in Vincennes, IN

Facility City Type
Wabash Diagnostic Imaging Vincennes Diagnostic Testing Facility
Good Samaritan Hospital Vincennes Acute Care Hospital

Patient Preparation For an X-Ray Procedure

Guidelines about eating and drinking before an X-Ray exam vary at different facilities. Unless you are told otherwise, you may follow your regular daily routine and take medications as usual. If you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant it is important to inform your doctor or technician prior to the X-Ray. Notify your doctor or technologist if you have any metal in or on your body such as body piercings, eye glasses, or jewelry which may interfere with the procedure. Dress in comfortable clothing that can easily be removed if needed.

What to expect during and after an X-Ray

A X-Ray procedure is a relatively painless procedure. The only discomfort may be associated with the manipulation of the body part being examined particularly in the case of a recent injury or invasive procedure such as surgery. The overall preparation and procedure will take approximately 30 minutes not including waiting time. Depending upon what is being scanned and what type of X-ray (the type of view) your doctor orders you may be asked to get undressed and to put on a hospital gown and you may be lying, sitting, or standing for the scan. You will be asked to hold your position still for several seconds until the image is being captured. It is important that you hold your position still during the scan exposure to prevent any blur on the film. Your X-ray films will be interpreted by a trained doctor and then discussed directly with you.

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