Breast MRI (One Breast) Cost and Procedure Information

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a noninvasive, usually painless medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions. MR imaging uses a powerful magnetic field, radio waves and a computer to produce detailed three dimensional pictures of organs, soft tissues, bone and virtually all other internal body structures. The images can then be examined on a computer monitor or printed. MRI does not use ionizing radiation (x-rays).

National Breast MRI (One Breast) Procedure Pricing Summary

National Minimum Price $500 (Auburn, IN)
National Average Price $4,700
National Maximum Price $10,300 (Madera, CA)

Breast MRI (One Breast) Cost Averages Around the Country

Baltimore, MD Breast MRI (One Breast) Cost Average $5,300
Boston, MA Breast MRI (One Breast) Cost Average $2,175
Denver, CO Breast MRI (One Breast) Cost Average $3,500
Detroit, MI Breast MRI (One Breast) Cost Average $5,300
Minneapolis, MN Breast MRI (One Breast) Cost Average $5,700
St. Louis, MO Breast MRI (One Breast) Cost Average $3,500
San Diego, CA Breast MRI (One Breast) Cost Average $3,300
San Francisco, CA Breast MRI (One Breast) Cost Average $7,700
Seattle, WA Breast MRI (One Breast) Cost Average $3,800
Tampa, FL Breast MRI (One Breast) Cost Average $3,500
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Featured Facilities that Perform Breast MRI (One Breast)

Name Location Average List Price
Community Open MRI of Auburn Auburn , IN $500
FNS Imaging Florence , SC $3,300
Jupiter Medical Center Jupiter , FL $3,900
Girard Medical Center Girard , KS $5,600
Hudson Hospital Hudson , WI $6,100
Pinnacle Imaging Lubbock , TX $3,300
Michigan Medical Spring Lake , MI $3,500
Open MRI of Sheboygan Sheboygan , WI $3,400
Spring Hill Imaging Center Spring Hill , TN $3,200
Prestige Imaging, LLC (North Sam Sherman , TX $3,300
Teton MRI of Idaho Falls Idaho Falls , ID $3,200
Page Hospital Page , AZ $8,600
Chambersburg Hospital Chambersburg , PA $3,300
Community MRI Services Jamestown , ND $3,100
Longwood MRI Specialists Brookline , MA $1,300
Us Radiology Partners of Texas Kirksbille , MO $3,100
Southern Utah MRI Cedar City , UT $3,400
Huron Regional Medical Center Huron , SD $6,000
Boone County Hospital Boone , IA $6,100
Baptist Health Medical Center - Arkadelphia Arkadelphia , AR $6,900
Good Samaritan Health Center Merrill , WI $6,100
First MRI Bangor , ME $3,300
Cape MRI Cape May Court House , NJ $4,100
Holy Cross Hospital Nogales , AZ $8,600
Dukes Memorial Hospital Peru , IN $7,300
Maui Diagnostic Imaging Wailuku , HI $4,100
Weeks Medical Center Lancaster , NH $7,400
Coosa Diagnostic Center Rome , GA $3,300
Saint Benedicts Family Medical Center Jerome , ID $5,600
Ameriscan CT and MRI Effingham , IL $3,300
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