Fayetteville, NC: Colonoscopy Cost Comparison

Medical procedure prices for a Fayetteville Colonoscopy vary tremendously and in order to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on a Fayetteville Colonoscopy it is important to shop and compare healthcare providers throughout the greater Fayetteville, NC area. New Choice Health is pleased to list below all the healthcare providers in Fayetteville, NC who provide Colonoscopy procedures. In addition, New Choice Health has listed the average cost of a Colonoscopy in Fayetteville as well as the pricing of the most expensive and least expensive medical facilities providing Colonoscopy procedures in Fayetteville, NC below.

Fayetteville Colonoscopy Cost & Pricing Overview

Most Expensive Colonoscopy in Fayetteville $2,775
Least Expensive Colonoscopy in Fayetteville $2,250
Potential Savings: $525
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Compare to other local facilities that offer Colonoscopy

Facility Name City # Performed Last Year Average List Price
Cape Fear Valley Medical Center Fayetteville 0 - 500 $2,775.00 Free Quote
Fayetteville Ambulatory Surgery Center Fayetteville 2500+ $2,250.00 Free Quote
Fayetteville Endoscopy Fayetteville 2500+ $2,250.00 Free Quote

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