Austin, TX: Heart CT Scan Cost Comparison

A Heart CT Scan costs $6,863 in Austin when you average the List Price of the 4 medical providers who perform Heart CT Scan procedures in the Austin, TX area. In healthcare, the List Price of a procedure is similar to a manufacturer's "Suggested Retail Price" so it's important to shop and compare providers to get the best price. When you use NewChoiceHealth's Certified Providers, you can save between 40%-60% off this $6,863 List Price. Start shopping today and see what you can save! Get a Free Quote!

Heart CT Scan Cost Report - Austin, TX


Compare Heart CT Scan Providers in Austin, TX

Facility Name City Avg. List Price
Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital Luling $8,500.00
Heart Hospital of Austin Austin $1,950.00
St. David's Emergency Center - Bastrop Bastrop $8,500.00
Taylor Hospital Taylor $8,500.00

Austin, TX

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Shopping and comparing NewChoiceHealth certified providers can save you on average 40-60% off list price.
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