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Save Money on Healthcare Costs

How you might ask?  It's simple!  Not all providers charge the same for medical procedures!  Some providers are 200% more expensive than others.  Shop our Nationwide Marketplace and see how much money you can save!

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Our Free Quote Request platform allows you, insured or uninsured, to engage medical facilities directly and request a quote and have Certified Providers compete for your business.  Get a free quote >>

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Nationwide Marketplace with Medical Costs

Join our 3 million users who have already used our leading Nationwide Marketplace to shop and compare today's most commonly performed medical procedures. Shop from over 17,000 medical facilities Nationwide for free and start saving today!

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No Surprises

In healthcare there has been little to no visibility into cost...often resulting in "bill shock"!  Take ownership of your healthcare and shop for your care and know what you're going to pay ahead of time!

Take control of your healthcare

Healthcare has historically been a referral driven business with no transparency. What does that mean? It simply means that traditionally patients have done what they are told to do...without asking questions and without knowing anything about the quality of care, service, or cost.

We want to help change that!  How you ask?  First, by encouraging patients to start acting like consumers and ask questions.  Do I have a choice?  What will this procedure cost me?  Is this facility accredited?  Can I get the procedure somewhere else for cheaper?  Second, by providing easy access to the answers to these questions!  We have processed millions of records and claims files to identify who charges what for medical procedures and this information is now exposed through our Nationwide Marketplace...and it's Free!

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