Boston, MA Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

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Procedure Pricing & Savings Information

Top Procedures Performed at Boston Hospitals and Cost Averages

Procedure Low Price High Price Potential Savings
Angioplasty Procedure $39,500 $108,400 $68,900 Free Quote
Ankle Replacement $18,100 $49,800 $31,700 Free Quote
Arthroscopic Knee Surgery $3,600 $9,800 $6,200 Free Quote
Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery $5,400 $14,900 $9,500 Free Quote
Bariatric Surgery $23,600 $64,900 $41,300 Free Quote
Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy $19,000 $52,000 $33,000 Free Quote
Bunionectomy $6,900 $18,900 $12,000 Free Quote
Cardiac Stent $33,200 $91,100 $57,900 Free Quote
Cataract $1,400 $3,800 $2,400 Free Quote
Cochlear Implant $60,100 $165,300 $105,200 Free Quote
Colonoscopy $1,400 $4,600 $3,200 Free Quote
Corneal Transplant $6,100 $16,800 $10,700 Free Quote
Coronary Bypass Surgery $61,100 $168,000 $106,900 Free Quote
CT Scan $675 $1,750 $1,075 Free Quote
Defibrillator $72,800 $200,200 $127,400 Free Quote
Disc Replacement Surgery $23,500 $64,500 $41,000 Free Quote
Diskectomy $17,900 $49,000 $31,100 Free Quote
Ear Tube Surgery $3,700 $10,100 $6,400 Free Quote
Echo $470 $1,250 $780 Free Quote
EKG $380 $1,000 $620 Free Quote
Endoscopy $1,450 $4,800 $3,350 Free Quote
Essure Birth Control $5,300 $14,500 $9,200 Free Quote
Eye Shunt $4,600 $12,600 $8,000 Free Quote
Foot Repair Surgery $13,500 $37,100 $23,600 Free Quote
Gastroenterostomy $8,800 $24,100 $15,300 Free Quote
General Wellness Test $20 $150 $130 Free Quote
Hammertoe Correction $8,400 $23,100 $14,700 Free Quote
Hernia Repair Surgery $6,600 $15,700 $9,100 Free Quote
Hip Replacement $19,300 $53,000 $33,700 Free Quote
Knee Replacement Surgery $17,400 $47,600 $30,200 Free Quote
Kyphoplasty $16,500 $45,200 $28,700 Free Quote
Laparoscopic Hysterectomy $2,925 $7,900 $4,975 Free Quote
Laparoscopy, Cholecystectomy (Gallbladder Removal) $5,800 $13,600 $7,800 Free Quote
Lithotripsy (Kidney Stone Removal) $5,000 $13,700 $8,700 Free Quote
Mammogram $90 $220 $130 Free Quote
Minor Illness $100 $150 $50 Free Quote
Minor Injury $370 $875 $505 Free Quote
MRA $1,100 $2,775 $1,675 Free Quote
MRI $600 $1,550 $950 Free Quote
Pacemaker $30,100 $82,800 $52,700 Free Quote
PET Scan $1,800 $4,600 $2,800 Free Quote
Reflux Surgery $8,800 $24,100 $15,300 Free Quote
Septoplasty Surgery $8,900 $24,300 $15,400 Free Quote
Sleep Study $850 $2,175 $1,325 Free Quote
Spinal Cord Stimulator $23,300 $64,000 $40,700 Free Quote
Spinal Fusion $34,900 $95,800 $60,900 Free Quote
Spinal Instrumentation $17,500 $48,100 $30,600 Free Quote
Stress Test $1,150 $2,925 $1,775 Free Quote
Ultrasound $140 $350 $210 Free Quote
Urinary Incontinence Treatment $9,800 $26,700 $16,900 Free Quote
Urinary Stent $8,100 $22,100 $14,000 Free Quote
Uterine Ablation $5,600 $15,400 $9,800 Free Quote
Vaginal Prosthesis Implantation $7,500 $20,600 $13,100 Free Quote
Vagus Nerve Stimulation $16,000 $44,000 $28,000 Free Quote
Vertebroplasty $6,500 $17,800 $11,300 Free Quote
Wellness Visit $100 $250 $150 Free Quote
Wrist Surgery $2,925 $8,000 $5,075 Free Quote
X-Ray $150 $390 $240 Free Quote
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Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities in Boston

Facility City Beds Type of Facility
Access Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics Exeter -- Ortho Surgery Center
Ad Dental Pc Natick Dentist
Afc Urgent Care Arlington Arlington Urgent Care Clinic
Afc Urgent Care Bedford Bedford Urgent Care Clinic
Afc Urgent Care Beverly Beverly Urgent Care Clinic
Afc Urgent Care Braintree Braintree Urgent Care Clinic
Afc Urgent Care Burlington Burlington Urgent Care Clinic
Afc Urgent Care Chelmsford Chelmsford Urgent Care Clinic
Afc Urgent Care Dedham Dedham Urgent Care Clinic
Afc Urgent Care Malden Malden Urgent Care Clinic
Afc Urgent Care Marlborough Marlborough Urgent Care Clinic
Afc Urgent Care Methuen Methuen Urgent Care Clinic
Afc Urgent Care Natick Natick Urgent Care Clinic
Afc Urgent Care North Andover North Andover Urgent Care Clinic
Afc Urgent Care Saugus Saugus Urgent Care Clinic
Afc Urgent Care Stoneham Stoneham Urgent Care Clinic
Afc Urgent Care Swampscott Swampscott Urgent Care Clinic
Afc Urgent Care Waltham Waltham Urgent Care Clinic
Afc Urgent Care Watertown Watertown Urgent Care Clinic
Andover Surgery Center Andover -- Ambulatory Surgical Center
Anna Jaques Hospital Newburyport 143 Acute Care Hospital
Arul Pllc Brockton Dentist
Arul Pllc Of Dedham Dedham Dentist
Arul Pllc Of Dedham Quincy Dentist
Arul Pllc Of Walpole East Walpole Dentist
Aspen Dental Associates Of Ne Pc Gloucester Dentist
Aspen Dental Associates Of Ne Pc Waltham Dentist
Barrington Surgical Care Barrington -- Ambulatory Surgical Center
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital - Needham Needham 41 Acute Care Hospital
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Boston 574 Acute Care Hospital
Beverly Hospital Beverly 315 Acute Care Hospital
Boston Endoscopy Center Wellesley Hills -- GI Diagnostic Center
Boston Medical Center Boston 531 Acute Care Hospital
Boston Orthopaedic and Sport Medicine Brighton -- Ortho Surgery Center
Boston Out-Patient Surgical Suites Waltham -- Ambulatory Surgical Center
Boston Sleepcare Center Waltham -- Sleep Study Center
Boston Sports and Shoulder Center Chestnut Hill -- Ortho Surgery Center
Boston Sports and Shoulder Center Waltham -- Ortho Surgery Center
Brigham and Women's Hospital Boston 720 Acute Care Hospital
Brockton Hospital Brockton 234 Acute Care Hospital
C.M.M. Dental Pc Methuen Dentist
Caritas Carney Hospital Dorchester 178 Acute Care Hospital
Caritas Good Samaritan Medical Center Brockton 231 Acute Care Hospital
Caritas Holy Family Hospital Methuen 244 Acute Care Hospital
Caritas Norwood Hospital Norwood 292 Acute Care Hospital
Caritas Saint Elizabeth's Medical Boston 321 Acute Care Hospital
Cataract and Laser Center Dedham -- Eye Surgery Center
Charles River Endoscopy Framingham -- GI Diagnostic Center
Children's Hospital Boston Boston 342 Childrens Hospital
Children's Orthopaedic Surgery Foundation Boston -- Ortho Surgery Center
Childrens Sports Medicine Foundation Boston -- Ortho Surgery Center
Coastal Sleep Diagnostics Hingham -- Sleep Study Center
Commonwealth Endoscopy Center West Bridgewater -- GI Diagnostic Center
Coolidge Corner Imaging Brookline -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Dana-farber Cancer Institute Boston 27 Acute Care Hospital
Derry Imaging Center Derry -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Derry Surgery Center Derry -- Ambulatory Surgical Center
Digitrace Care Services Woburn -- Sleep Study Center
Dr Young Park Pc Rochester Dentist
Dr Young Park Pc Portsmouth Dentist
Dr Young Park Pc Epping Dentist
Dr Zhiqiang Huang Dmd Pc Chelmsford Dentist
Eastern Massachusetts Surgery Center Norwood -- Ambulatory Surgical Center
Emerson Hospital Concord 168 Acute Care Hospital
Essex and Optima Medical Imaging Salem -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Essex Orthopaedics Andover -- Ortho Surgery Center
Essex Orthopaedics and Optima Sports Medicine Salem -- Ortho Surgery Center
Exeter Hospital Exeter 100 Acute Care Hospital
Faulkner Hospital Boston 153 Acute Care Hospital
Franciscan Hospital for Children Boston 100 Childrens Hospital
Frisbie Memorial Hospital Rochester 70 Acute Care Hospital
Health Heart Sleep Lab of Brockton Brockton -- Sleep Study Center
Healthwise Diagnostic Center Norwood -- Sleep Study Center
High Performance Sports Medicine Beverly -- Ortho Surgery Center
In Med Diagnostic Services Stoneham -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
InMed Diagnostic Womens Center Norwell 0 Diagnostic Testing Facility
Jordan Hospital Plymouth 161 Acute Care Hospital
Labcorp Bellingham Bellingham Laboratory
Labcorp Derry Derry Laboratory
Labcorp Dover Dover Laboratory
Labcorp Dover Dover Laboratory
Labcorp Exeter Exeter Laboratory
Labcorp Framingham Framingham Laboratory
Labcorp Framingham Framingham Laboratory
Labcorp Methuen Methuen Laboratory
Labcorp Newburyport Newburyport Laboratory
Labcorp North Andover North Andover Laboratory
Labcorp Pembroke Pembroke Laboratory
Labcorp Plainville Plainville Laboratory
Labcorp Portsmouth Portsmouth Laboratory
Labcorp Portsmouth Portsmouth Laboratory
Labcorp Portsmouth Portsmouth Laboratory
Labcorp Quincy Quincy Laboratory
Labcorp Rochester Rochester Laboratory
Labcorp Salem Salem Laboratory
Labcorp Somersworth Somersworth Laboratory
Labcorp South Weymouth South Weymouth Laboratory
Labcorp Stoughton Stoughton Laboratory
Labcorp Stratham Stratham Laboratory
Labcorp Waltham Waltham Laboratory
Labcorp Windham Windham Laboratory
Labcorp Windham Windham Laboratory
Lahey Clinic Medical Center Burlington 327 Acute Care Hospital
Lawrence General Hospital Lawrence 175 Acute Care Hospital
Longwood MRI Specialists Brookline -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Lowell General Hospital Lowell 176 Acute Care Hospital
Marlborough Hospital Marlborough 67 Acute Care Hospital
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Boston 42 Acute Care Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital Boston 902 Acute Care Hospital
MedExpress Urgent Care Chelmsford Chelmsford Urgent Care Clinic
MedExpress Urgent Care Haverhill Haverhill Urgent Care Clinic
MedExpress Urgent Care Methuen Methuen Urgent Care Clinic
Melissa M Thompson Dmd Pc Saugus Dentist
Melissa M Thompson Dmd Pc Peabody Dentist
Melissa M Thompson Dmd Pc Woburn Dentist
Melrose Wakefield Hospital Melrose -- Acute Care Hospital
Merrimack Imaging North Andover -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Merrimack Valley Endoscopy Center Haverhill -- GI Diagnostic Center
Merrimack Valley Hospital Haverhill 141 Acute Care Hospital
Merrimack Valley MRI Salem -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Metrowest Medical Center - Framingham Union Hospital Framingham 368 Acute Care Hospital
Metrowest MRI Framingham -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Middlesex Endoscopy Center Acton -- GI Diagnostic Center
Milton Hospital Milton 113 Acute Care Hospital
Milton Radiologists Milton -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Minuteclinic Acton Acton Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Amesbury Amesbury Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Andover Andover Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Ashland Ashland Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Beverly Beverly Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Braintree Braintree Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Bridgewater Bridgewater Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Brockton Brockton Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Brookline Brookline Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Cambridge Cambridge Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Cambridge Cambridge Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Cambridge Cambridge Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Carver Carver Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Danvers Danvers Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Dedham Dedham Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Franklin Franklin Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Hampton Hampton Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Hanover Hanover Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Hudson Hudson Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Kingston Kingston Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Marshfield Marshfield Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Maynard Maynard Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Medfield Medfield Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Medford Medford Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Medway Medway Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Natick Natick Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Newton Newton Highlands Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Plymouth Plymouth Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Quincy Quincy Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Revere Revere Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Rockland Rockland Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Salem Salem Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Salem Salem Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Stoughton Stoughton Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Sudbury Sudbury Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Tewksbury Tewksbury Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Watertown Watertown Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Wellesley Wellesley Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Westford Westford Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Weymouth East Weymouth Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Wilmington Wilmington Walk-In Clinic
Mount Auburn Hospital Cambridge 190 Acute Care Hospital
MRI of Chelmsford Chelmsford -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
MRI of Dedham Dedham -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Nashoba Valley Medical Center Ayer 57 Acute Care Hospital
Nationwide Sleep Diagnosticsw Auburndale -- Sleep Study Center
Needham Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Needham -- Ortho Surgery Center
Neurocare Newton -- Sleep Study Center
Neurocare Brockton -- Sleep Study Center
New England Ambulatory Surgicenter Cambridge -- Ambulatory Surgical Center
New England Baptist Hospital Boston 138 Acute Care Hospital
Newton-Wellesley Hospital Newton 234 Acute Care Hospital
North Shore Magnetic Imaging Center Peabody -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Northeast Ambulatory Center Stoneham -- Ambulatory Surgical Center
Northeast Endoscopy Center Lowell -- GI Diagnostic Center
Northeast Surgical Care Newington -- Ambulatory Surgical Center
NSMC Union Hospital Lynn 415 Acute Care Hospital
Orthopaedic Surgical Center of the North Shore Peabody -- Ortho Surgery Center
Orthopaedics Northeast N Andover -- Ortho Surgery Center
Orthopedic Affiliates Concord -- Ortho Surgery Center
Orthopedic Surgery of Quincy Quincy -- Ortho Surgery Center
Orthopedic Trauma Milton -- Ortho Surgery Center
Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Norwood -- Ortho Surgery Center
Park Dental Group Seabrook Pllc Seabrook Dentist
Parkland Medical Center Derry 78 Acute Care Hospital
Parkway Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Roslindale -- Ortho Surgery Center
Partners Dental Care - Haverhill, Pllc Haverhill Dentist
Pentucket Medical Radiology Haverhill -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Physician Diagnostics South Weymouth -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Plymouth Laser and Surgical Center Plymouth -- Eye Surgery Center
Portsmouth Radiological Portsmouth -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Portsmouth Regional Hospital Portsmouth 165 Acute Care Hospital
Premier Ultrasound Services Arlington Diagnostic Testing Facility
Pro Sports Orthopedics Cambridge -- Ortho Surgery Center
Quality Sleep Diagnostics Duxbury -- Sleep Study Center
Quincy Medical Center Quincy 234 Acute Care Hospital
Saints Medical Center Lowell 163 Acute Care Hospital
Salem Orthopedic Surgeons Salem -- Ortho Surgery Center
Salem Surgery Center Salem -- Ambulatory Surgical Center
Seacoast Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Plymouth -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Seacoast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Somersworth -- Ortho Surgery Center
Shields CT of Brockton Brockton 0 Diagnostic Testing Facility
Shields Imaging South Shore Hospital So. Weymouth 0 Diagnostic Testing Facility
Shields Marlborough Hospital Marlborough 0 Diagnostic Testing Facility
Shields MRI Boston Granite Ave Boston -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Shields MRI Boston Western Ave Brighton 0 Diagnostic Testing Facility
Shields MRI Brockton Brockton -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Shields MRI Lahey Clinic Peabody -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Shields MRI of Framingham Framingham -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Shields MRI Wellesley Wellesley 0 Diagnostic Testing Facility
Shields MRI Weymouth Weymouth -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Shields Radiation Therapy of Winchester Winchester 0 Diagnostic Testing Facility
Shields South Suburban Oncology Quincy 0 Diagnostic Testing Facility
Sleep Cures Needham -- Sleep Study Center
Sleep Cures Plymouth -- Sleep Study Center
Sleep Disorders Center Cambridge -- Sleep Study Center
Sleep Health Centers Brighton -- Sleep Study Center
Sleepcures Framingham -- Sleep Study Center
Sleepcures Peabody -- Sleep Study Center
Sleepmed Peabody -- Sleep Study Center
South Shore Endoscopy Center Braintree -- GI Diagnostic Center
South Shore Hospital South Weymouth 279 Acute Care Hospital
Stratham Ambulatory Surgery Center Stratham Ambulatory Surgical Center
Taylor Dental Associates, P.C Plymouth Dentist
Taylor Dental Associates, P.C Wareham Dentist
Taylor Dental Pc Hanover Dentist
Tenet Health Urgent Care Centers Franklin Urgent Care Clinic
The Cambridge Hospital Cambridge 368 Acute Care Hospital
The Endoscopy Cente of Brookline Boston -- GI Diagnostic Center
The Endoscopy Center of Southeast Mass Brockton -- GI Diagnostic Center
The Greater Lawrence Family Health Center Lawrence -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
The Mclean Hospital Corporation Belmont -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
The MRI Center of Woburn Woburn -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Thompson Dental Associates, P.C Medford Dentist
Tufts-new England Medical Center Boston 388 Acute Care Hospital
University Orthopedics of Boston Newton -- Ortho Surgery Center
Wentworth-douglass Hospital Dover 115 Acute Care Hospital
West Suburban Imaging Center Wellesley Hills -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Weymouth Endoscopy South Weymouth -- GI Diagnostic Center
Weymouth MRI Weymouth -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Wilmington - Urgent Care Wilmington Urgent Care Clinic
Winchester Hospital Winchester 182 Acute Care Hospital
Women's Health Imaging Suite Andover -- Diagnostic Testing Facility

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