Employer Healthcare Cost Savings Solutions

Lowering Healthcare Cost Through a Medical Cost Action Plan (mCAP)

Do you have a Medical Cost Action Plan to combat the rapidly escalating cost of healthcare? NewChoiceHealth's Medical Cost Action Plan (mCAP) delivers an independent, unbiased, measurable plan which segments employers medical cost consumption categories into measurable Consumer Healthcare Efficiency Indexes (CHEI) and delivers an actionable plan to reduce healthcare cost!

mCAP – Analytics & Discovery

NewChoiceHealth's mCAP starts with an analytical analysis of an employer's utilization data. The analytical discoveries are then segmented into an easy to understand and measurable Consumer Healthcare Efficiency Index (CHEI) which clearly communicates how employees are consuming healthcare, what is driving escalating medical cost, and delivers a detailed plan per targeted cost consumption category and recommendations on how to lower healthcare cost.

mCAP – Solutions & Facilitation

NewChoiceHealth's mCAP does more than just identify and communicate where to save on healthcare cost...it provides actual SOLUTIONS, such as our Medical Cost Savings Guide, to facilitate cost savings. Our Medical Cost Savings Guide offers employees relevancy, savings, and actionable tools to facilitate medical cost savings.NewChoiceHealth's mCAP can help your organization gain visibility into your escalating healthcare cost and deliver measurable solutions for reducing your healthcare cost.

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