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142 Boynton Ave, Ste B Plattsburgh, NY 12901
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Sleep Study (Polysomnography) Pricing Overview for Plattsburgh, NY
Most Expensive in the Area $1,600
Least Expensive in the Area $625
Potential Savings:

Compare Plattsburgh, NY facility costs for a Sleep Study (Polysomnography)

Facility Name City Type of Facility
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About Sleep Study (Polysomnography) at Vermont Medical Home Care

Vermont Medical Home Care is committed to providing outstanding patient care in the Plattsburgh, NY area, but before you commit to Vermont Medical Home Care for a Sleep Study (Polysomnography) make sure you compare and shop other medical facilities. It may save you hundreds (in some cases thousands) of dollars. View a Sleep Study (Polysomnography) cost comparison for Plattsburgh and Request a Free Quote before you make a decision.

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