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About Loretto: Loretto Hospital is an acute care community hospital that serves over 33,000 patients each year from Chicago's Austin and surrounding communities. As a not-for-profit, community-focused health care provider, we offer a unique, patient-centered healthcare delivery system that promotes general wellness and education in the communities we serve. Through our partnerships with physicians, research institutions, area residents and local businesses, we strive daily to be your health care provider of choice. •As the only hospital in Austin, we pride ourselves on providing quality, comprehensive and individualized health care services to the community. •We collaborate with major corporations, social service agencies, elected officials, civic organizations and members of the clergy to offer a variety of free health screenings and wellness workshops addressing the health concerns affecting community residents. •In 1999, Loretto Hospital established the Austin Chamber of Commerce to help the hospital fulfill its commitment to support the viability of local businesses. •With more than 600 employees, we are a vigorous economic engine and the largest non-governmental employer in the Austin community.
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Featured Procedure Costs – Loretto Hospital

Procedure Price Range
Chest X-Ray $550 - $1,200 Free Quote
Electrocardiogram $330 - $725 Free Quote
Brain CT Scan $280 - $625 Free Quote
Abdominal X-Ray $290 - $625 Free Quote
Foot X-Ray $80 - $180 Free Quote
Heart EKG (Transthoracic - Echocardiogram) $360 - $800 Free Quote
Spine X-Ray $180 - $390 Free Quote
Knee X-Ray $90 - $180 Free Quote
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Procedure Price Range
Brain CT Scan $280 - $625 Free Quote
CT Scan of Abdomen $625 - $1,350 Free Quote
CT Pelvis Scan $775 - $1,650 Free Quote
Electrocardiogram $330 - $725 Free Quote
Heart EKG (Transthoracic - Echocardiogram) $360 - $800 Free Quote
Abdominal Ultrasound $230 - $500 Free Quote
Neck X-Ray $120 - $250 Free Quote
Chest X-Ray $550 - $1,200 Free Quote
Abdominal X-Ray $290 - $625 Free Quote
Spine X-Ray $180 - $390 Free Quote
Pelvic X-Ray $180 - $380 Free Quote
Shoulder X-Ray $80 - $160 Free Quote
Forearm X-Ray $70 - $150 Free Quote
Wrist X-Ray $90 - $180 Free Quote
Hand X-Ray $70 - $150 Free Quote
Hip X-Ray $120 - $260 Free Quote
Leg X-Ray $110 - $230 Free Quote
Knee X-Ray $90 - $180 Free Quote
Ankle X-Ray $90 - $190 Free Quote
Foot X-Ray $80 - $180 Free Quote
Colonoscopy $3,100 - $8,000 Free Quote
Upper GI Endoscopy $975 - $2,550 Free Quote
Angioplasty (PTCA) $24,000 - $75,200 Free Quote
Ankle Replacement Surgery $13,800 - $43,300 Free Quote
Acl Reconstruction Surgery $8,900 - $28,000 Free Quote
Lap Band Surgery $7,200 - $20,500 Free Quote
Breast Reconstruction Surgery $10,900 - $34,100 Free Quote
Bunionectomy $5,300 - $16,300 Free Quote
Cardiac Stent Implantation $20,100 - $63,100 Free Quote
Cochlear Implant Surgery $34,500 - $108,400 Free Quote
Corneal Transplant Surgery $3,600 - $11,300 Free Quote
Coronary Artery Bypass (Cabg) Surgery $37,100 - $116,500 Free Quote
Cardiac Defibrillator Implantation $44,200 - $138,800 Free Quote
Disc Replacement Surgery $15,600 - $48,800 Free Quote
Diskectomy $11,900 - $37,100 Free Quote
Myringotomy $2,100 - $6,600 Free Quote
Permanent Birth Control Surgery $3,100 - $9,500 Free Quote
Aqueous Shunt Implantation $2,700 - $8,500 Free Quote
Foot Or Ankle Fusion Surgery $11,100 - $34,900 Free Quote
Foot Or Ankle Repair Surgery $9,500 - $29,600 Free Quote
Gastroenterostomy $7,200 - $20,500 Free Quote
Hammertoe Correction Surgery $6,400 - $20,100 Free Quote
Hip Replacement Surgery (Total) $14,300 - $44,800 Free Quote
Hip Resurfacing Surgery $15,000 - $47,100 Free Quote
Knee Replacement (Total) $13,200 - $41,100 Free Quote
Kyphoplasty $11,100 - $34,600 Free Quote
Cardiac Pacemaker Implantation $18,300 - $57,400 Free Quote
Gastric Cardioplasty $7,200 - $20,500 Free Quote
Septoplasty $5,100 - $16,000 Free Quote
Non-Rechargeable Neurostimulator Implantation $16,200 - $50,700 Free Quote
Rechargeable Neurostimulator Implantation $24,700 - $77,400 Free Quote
Trial Neurostimulator Implantation $5,100 - $16,000 Free Quote
Cervical Anterior Spinal Fusion Surgery $22,000 - $68,500 Free Quote
Cervical Posterior Spinal Fusion Surgery $14,700 - $46,100 Free Quote
Lumbar Anterior Spinal Fusion Surgery $23,800 - $74,700 Free Quote
Lumbar Posterior Spinal Fusion Surgery $32,100 - $100,600 Free Quote
Disk Laminectomy $11,600 - $36,300 Free Quote
Incontinence Correction $6,700 - $20,800 Free Quote
Urinary Stent Implantation $5,500 - $17,200 Free Quote
Endometrial Ablation $3,900 - $12,000 Free Quote
Vaginal Prosthesis Implantation $5,100 - $16,000 Free Quote
Sacral Nerve Stimulator Implantation $10,500 - $33,000 Free Quote
Vertebroplasty $4,400 - $13,600 Free Quote
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