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Memorial MRI & Diagnostic is an established outpatient imaging center that has been in operation since 2001, and has forged a niche out of the surrounding competitive market. We are centrally located in a premier area of Houston, Texas at 1346 Campbell Road, Houston, Texas 77055 (Memorial MRI & Diagnostic, LLC) and 8800 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77024 (Memorial MRI & Diagnostic Women’s Center), 1718 North Fry Road, Houston, Texas 77084 and our newest location 3980 Dowlen, Beaumont, Texas 77706 Memorial MRI & Diagnostic is proud of its reputation for providing superior quality service in a caring compassionate manner. It is our goal to be the provider of choice in each community we serve. We are able to achieve this elite status by offering State of the Art advanced equipment operated by highly-trained technologists and experienced managers with strong customer service values. All our locations are ACR accredited. In addition, we align ourselves with established radiologists whose knowledge and experience contribute to each site's growth and reputation for superior quality service. In developing new relationships, we look for partners who share our commitment to quality and service. Our services include the following: • Pain Management Intervention Injection • Open and Closed MRI • CatScan • Diagnostic Xrays • Nuclear Medicine • PET/CT • EMG/NCV services • Ultrasound • Mammograms and Bone Density • Surgical Procedures Consultation and Evaluation We are on all major Insurance Plans including Medicare and Medicaid. We also take Personal Injuries cases (LOP), and also Workers Comp.
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Featured Procedure Costs – Memorial MRI and Diagnostic

Procedure Price Range
MRI Cervical Spine $470 - $650 Free Quote
MRI Shoulder, Arm, Wrist, Hand (Upper Extremity) $525 - $725 Free Quote
MRI Foot, Ankle, Leg, Hip (Lower Extremity) $525 - $825 Free Quote
Spine X-Ray $50 - $90 Free Quote
Abdominal Ultrasound $100 - $150 Free Quote
Neck X-Ray $50 - $80 Free Quote
Brain CT Scan $240 - $320 Free Quote
CT Ear $290 - $410 Free Quote
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Procedure Price Range
Brain CT Scan $240 - $320 Free Quote
CT Ear $290 - $410 Free Quote
CT Maxillofacial (Sinus) $230 - $240 Free Quote
CT Neck $280 - $340 Free Quote
CT Spine and Neck $280 - $350 Free Quote
Thoracic CT Scan - Thorax $280 - $350 Free Quote
Chest CT Scan $280 - $390 Free Quote
CT Scan of Abdomen $270 - $340 Free Quote
Lumbar Spine CT $280 - $350 Free Quote
CT Pelvis Scan $270 - $330 Free Quote
CT Foot, Ankle, Leg, Hip (CT Lower Extremity) $270 - $370 Free Quote
Breast Mammogram - One Breast (Mammogram) $150 - $150 Free Quote
Breast Mammogram - Both Breasts (Mammogram) $180 - $180 Free Quote
MRA Brain $500 - $500 Free Quote
MR Angiography Neck (MRA MRI Neck) $500 - $500 Free Quote
Brain MRI $470 - $650 Free Quote
Neck MRI $625 - $750 Free Quote
Abdominal MRI $575 - $725 Free Quote
MRI Cervical Spine $470 - $650 Free Quote
MRI Shoulder, Arm, Wrist, Hand (Upper Extremity) $525 - $725 Free Quote
MRI Foot, Ankle, Leg, Hip (Lower Extremity) $525 - $825 Free Quote
Head and Neck Ultrasound $100 - $150 Free Quote
Abdominal Ultrasound $100 - $150 Free Quote
Pelvic Ultrasound $100 - $130 Free Quote
Facial X-Ray $40 - $80 Free Quote
Skull X-Ray $60 - $80 Free Quote
Sinus X-Ray $40 - $80 Free Quote
Neck X-Ray $50 - $80 Free Quote
Chest X-Ray $30 - $80 Free Quote
Rib X-Ray $30 - $80 Free Quote
Abdominal X-Ray $30 - $80 Free Quote
GI Tract X-Ray $110 - $130 Free Quote
Spine X-Ray $50 - $90 Free Quote
Pelvic X-Ray $30 - $80 Free Quote
X-Ray of Urinary Tract (Urography) $100 - $130 Free Quote
Shoulder X-Ray $30 - $80 Free Quote
Forearm X-Ray $30 - $80 Free Quote
Wrist X-Ray $40 - $80 Free Quote
Hand X-Ray $30 - $80 Free Quote
Finger X-Ray $30 - $80 Free Quote
Knee X-Ray $30 - $60 Free Quote
Ankle X-Ray $30 - $60 Free Quote
Foot X-Ray $30 - $80 Free Quote
Pregnant Ultrasound $130 - $190 Free Quote
Ultrasound of the Uterus $260 - $300 Free Quote
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