Hernia Repair Surgery Cost and Hernia Repair Surgery Procedures Information

The average cost in the United States for hernia repair surgery is $7,750 with prices typically ranging from $3,900 to over $12,500. The average cost for a patient who is un-insured is $7,900 while insured is $6,400. The largest cost factor to consider for hernia repair surgery is if you have the procedure performed in an in-patient facility like a hospital, or an outpatient facility such as a surgery center. Outpatient facilities are on average 42% cheaper. Based on our statistics and calculations, the target fair price for hernia repair surgery is $5,500 no matter if you are insured or un-insured.

  • National Average: $7,750
  • National Range: $3,900 - $12,500+
  • Outpatient Facility Average: $6,400
  • In-patient Facility Average: $11,500
  • Target Fair Price: $5,500

Continue reading below to better understand how the price of hernia surgery is structured and how to find a fair price for your hernia repair surgery.

Hernia Repair Surgery Cost Averages Around the Country

Price Range
New York, NY Hernia Repair Surgery Cost Average $5,400 - $12,900
Los Angeles, CA Hernia Repair Surgery Cost Average $6,600 - $15,700
Chicago, IL Hernia Repair Surgery Cost Average $4,700 - $11,200
Miami, FL Hernia Repair Surgery Cost Average $4,700 - $11,100
Dallas, TX Hernia Repair Surgery Cost Average $4,400 - $10,500
Houston, TX Hernia Repair Surgery Cost Average $4,700 - $11,000
Philadelphia, PA Hernia Repair Surgery Cost Average $5,200 - $12,300
Phoenix, AZ Hernia Repair Surgery Cost Average $5,300 - $12,500
Atlanta, GA Hernia Repair Surgery Cost Average $4,700 - $11,100
Washington, DC Hernia Repair Surgery Cost Average $5,200 - $12,400
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Specific Hernia Repair Surgery Procedures and National Cost Averages

Price Range
Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Surgery - Groin or Abdomen Cost Average $2,775 - $27,500
Open Hernia Repair Surgery - Groin or Abdomen Cost Average $4,400 - $35,300
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Featured Facilities that Perform Hernia Repair Surgery

Name Location Price Range
Brookings Ambulatory Surgery Center Brookings , SD $3,700 - $13,500
Wooster Ambulatory Surgery Center Wooster , OH $3,700 - $13,800
Surgery Center of Wilson Wilson , NC $3,700 - $13,600
SCA Nashville Surgery Center Nashville , TN $3,300 - $12,200
Decatur Healthcare Decatur , IL $3,600 - $13,200
Hamilton Ambulatory Surgery Center Dalton , GA $3,300 - $12,100
Greenwood Leflore Hospital Greenwood , MS $6,800 - $21,100
Lourdes Medical Pavilion, Surgicare Center Paducah , KY $3,300 - $12,400
Capitol City Surgery Center Sacramento , CA $5,100 - $19,000
South Alabama Outpatient Services Enterprise , AL $3,200 - $11,900
Court House Surgery Center Cape May Court House , NJ $4,300 - $15,800
Hendry Regional Medical Center Clewiston , FL $13,200 - $45,300
Physician Surgery Center Rolla , MO $3,400 - $12,600
William Newton Memorial Hospital Winfield , KS $11,000 - $35,300
Forest Canyon Endoscopy & Surgery Center Flagstaff , AZ $3,200 - $11,900
Good Samaritan Regional Health Center Mount Vernon , IL $7,700 - $24,100
River View Surgery Center Marion , IN $3,700 - $13,600
Port Arthur Day Surgery Center Port Arthur , TX $3,400 - $12,600
Stephens County Hospital Toccoa , GA $2,000 - $6,200
Middle Tennessee Surgical Care Mc Minnville , TN $3,300 - $12,200
SCDI Surgery Center Carson City , NV $4,000 - $14,700
New Ulm Medical Center New Ulm , MN $12,500 - $40,200
Burtonsville Surgical Center Burtonsville , MD $3,900 - $14,300
Northern Hospital of Surry County Mount Airy , NC $5,400 - $17,000
Northeast Regional Medical Center Kirksville , MO $9,700 - $30,500
Huntsville Surgery Center Huntsville , TX $3,400 - $12,600
Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital Medical Center Plattsburgh , NY $2,700 - $8,400
Island Hospital Anacortes , WA $4,700 - $14,600
Saint Vincent Mercy Hospital Elwood , IN $14,000 - $43,800
Panama City Surgery Center Panama City , FL $3,600 - $13,400

More about Hernia Repair Surgery Procedures

In this article we are going to review the cost components of hernia repair surgery, explain why costs vary so much, and give you a better idea of a fair price for hernia repair surgery.

What is included in the total cost of hernia repair surgery?

The total cost of hernia repair surgery includes a physician fee, facility fee, and anesthesia fee. While the percent makeup of each fee may vary, the percentage of our target fair price of $5,500 should be physician fee of $1,375, facility fee of $3,300, and anesthesia fee of $825.

What can cause hernia repair surgery pricing to vary so much?

The three main factors that will cause pricing to vary so greatly are:

  • Facility Setting: Different facilities have different costs to perform the procedure; a hospital is an in-patient facility, whereas a surgery center is an outpatient facility. Usually, an outpatient setting will be around 40% cheaper than an in-patient setting.
  • Insured or Un-Insured: The price of hernia repair surgery varies from insurance provider to insurance provider and certainly for those who are un-insured. The cost of hernia surgery for an insured patient is typically 40% less than the "list price" for an un-insured patient. A "list price" is similar to a facility's "suggested retail price."
  • Location: Prices vary greatly by state, region, and even whether you're in a rural area with only one facility (usually more expensive) or in a city where they may be more competition (usually less expensive).

Large price differences for Hernia Surgery call come down to negotiation. Learn more about medical procedure price negotiations.

In-Patient vs. Outpatient Facility Cost Differences

The price of hernia surgery will vary greatly between in-patient and out-patient facilities. The national average of hernia surgery at in-patient facilities is $11,500 while that exact same procedure at out-patient facilities averaged $6,400.

Insured vs. Un-insured Cost Differences

Insured patients have historically paid less than un-insured patients for hernia repair surgery. The average hernia repair surgery cost for a patient who is un-insured is $7,900 while insured is $6,400.

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network Cost Differences

In-network costs only relate to patients who have health insurance. In-network providers will almost always be cheaper than out-of-network providers. The national in-network price is $6,800 while an out-of-network price is $8,400.

Hernia Repair Surgery Types and Cost Differences

There are two different types of hernia surgery that can be performed to fix a hernia. An open surgery, where the physician makes an incision allowing direct access to the hernia, and laparoscopic surgery where the surgeon accesses the hernia through tiny incisions, using an instrument with a camera attached and a video monitor to guide the repair. Open surgery usually cost less than laparoscopic surgery with an average price of $7,400 vs. $7,900 for laparoscopic.

Payment Responsibility

Nearly everyone who has hernia repair surgery will have some payment responsibility. Un-insured patients will be responsible for the total cost of the surgery. Insured patients will be responsible for paying their deductible and then their co-insurance portion of the total procedure cost. As noted in our below example, assuming the deductible has been met and a 20% coinsurance, the patient, even though they have insurance, would still be responsible for $1,100. If the patient didn't shop and ended up at an in-patient facility and paying $11,500 their responsibility could jump up to $2,300. That's real money and a real example of why it's important to understand healthcare cost.

Additional Factors That May Influence the Cost of Hernia Repair Surgery

  • If the physician sees other areas which need to be repaired. With inguinal hernias - which can occur on both sides of the body - it's common for a surgeon to find a smaller hernia on the opposite side from the primary hernia. If this is fixed in the same procedure, you will be charged for the additional repair.

  • Typically the cost of hernia repair surgery mesh is included in the facility's fee. However, this should be confirmed in advance especially if you are an uninsured patient. Often mesh can cost 2-5 times more based on the brand or supplier used. Generally a fair price for mesh is $125-350.

  • In very rare cases, a physician may find tissues that must be tested in a lab. When this occurs, there will be a bill from the pathology lab.

  • A physician may prescribe painkillers and/or antibiotics post-surgery. In order to avoid outrageous prescription prices, make sure the prescriptions you receive are for medicines that are covered by your insurance policy or are the generic version of the name brand, to ensure you get the cheapest price of the medicine.

  • Patients often find better pricing by considering providers outside their hometown. In these cases, the savings on the procedure costs far outweigh the travel costs (flights, hotels, taxis, etc.)

  • In some cases you may be charged a separate fee for an initial consultation with the surgeon before the surgery. Typically 1-3 post-op visits within 90 days are included in the cost of your procedure.

In addition, there may need to be time taken off from work which may also influence the ultimate cost of the procedure. So, be sure to factor in the recovery times and your works sick leave policy to better understand what that risk/cost may be. The Family Medical Leave Act provides protection from job loss for medical leave but often employers are not responsible for paying beyond accrued vacation and sick leave.

Cost Effective Alternatives to Hernia Surgery

While there are no alternative treatments for hernia repair surgery, you may be able to delay care at your doctor's discretion. If so, your doctor may prescribe you a hernia truss which is used to compress/push the bulging organ back into position. The cost of a hernia truss is not always covered by insurance but these costs are fairly negligible at $50 - $100 when compared to the cost of the surgery.

Your Hernia Repair Surgery Checklist:

  1. Review all of the costs for your procedure with your surgeon, not just their portion of the total cost.

  2. Ask your surgeon to perform the procedure in an outpatient setting.

  3. Check that all providers are in network. Often the anesthesiologist may be considered "out-of-network," which may cause their portion of the bill to be 2-3 times higher than if they were in-network. Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more common and it's critically important to ask so you can avoid an "out-of-network" bill.

  4. Ask if there will be any other needs, services, and materials provided in the surgery that you'd be required to pay. An example is the mesh some surgeons use to repair the hernia.

  5. Ask what the typical cost is if the surgeon finds other areas that need to be repaired during your procedure.

Additional Payment Information, Assistance Options, and Tips

You may be able to save a significant amount of money on hernia repair surgery through our Patient Assist - Hernia Surgery Program which offers all-inclusive discounted pricing ranging from $2,500 - $5,500 and special financing options in select markets around the U.S. In addition, there may be financial assistance programs available to you if your financial situation presents a challenge for affording hernia repair surgery.

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