Boston, MA Ultrasound Cost Comparison

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An Ultrasound in Boston costs $171 on average when you take the median of the 64 medical providers who perform Ultrasound procedures in Boston, MA. The least expensive Ultrasound in Boston is $30 for a Bone Ultrasound while the most expensive Ultrasound list price is $410 for a Eye Ultrasound. There are 16 different types of Ultrasound provided in Boston, listed below, and the price for each differs based upon your insurance type. As a healthcare consumer you should understand that prices of medical procedures vary and if you shop from the Boston providers below you may be able to save money. Start shopping today and see what you can save!
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Compare Ultrasound Providers in Boston, MA

Facility City Type
Merrimack Valley MRI Salem Diagnostic Testing Facility
Newton-Wellesley Hospital Newton Acute Care Hospital
Pentucket Medical Radiology Haverhill Diagnostic Testing Facility
Tufts-new England Medical Center Boston Acute Care Hospital
Caritas Holy Family Hospital Methuen Acute Care Hospital
Winchester Hospital Winchester Acute Care Hospital
Physician Diagnostics South Weymouth Diagnostic Testing Facility
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Boston Acute Care Hospital
Caritas Saint Elizabeth's Medical Boston Acute Care Hospital
Franciscan Hospital for Children Boston Childrens Hospital
Weymouth MRI Weymouth Diagnostic Testing Facility
Brockton Hospital Brockton Acute Care Hospital
Milton Hospital Milton Acute Care Hospital
Anna Jaques Hospital Newburyport Acute Care Hospital
South Shore Hospital South Weymouth Acute Care Hospital
Boston Medical Center Boston Acute Care Hospital
Portsmouth Radiological Portsmouth Diagnostic Testing Facility
Lowell General Hospital Lowell Acute Care Hospital
Jordan Hospital Plymouth Acute Care Hospital
Brigham and Women's Hospital Boston Acute Care Hospital
Nashoba Valley Medical Center Ayer Acute Care Hospital
Saints Medical Center Lowell Acute Care Hospital
Exeter Hospital Exeter Acute Care Hospital
Seacoast Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Plymouth Diagnostic Testing Facility
Faulkner Hospital Boston Acute Care Hospital
Portsmouth Regional Hospital Portsmouth Acute Care Hospital
The Cambridge Hospital Cambridge Acute Care Hospital
The Mclean Hospital Corporation Belmont Diagnostic Testing Facility
Caritas Good Samaritan Medical Center Brockton Acute Care Hospital
Caritas Carney Hospital Dorchester Acute Care Hospital
Emerson Hospital Concord Acute Care Hospital
Beverly Hospital Beverly Acute Care Hospital
Quincy Medical Center Quincy Acute Care Hospital
Wentworth-douglass Hospital Dover Acute Care Hospital
Milton Radiologists Milton Diagnostic Testing Facility
Women's Health Imaging Suite Andover Diagnostic Testing Facility
Children's Hospital Boston Boston Childrens Hospital
Marlborough Hospital Marlborough Acute Care Hospital
Essex and Optima Medical Imaging Salem Diagnostic Testing Facility
Merrimack Valley Hospital Haverhill Acute Care Hospital
North Shore Magnetic Imaging Center Peabody Diagnostic Testing Facility
Lawrence General Hospital Lawrence Acute Care Hospital
NSMC Union Hospital Lynn Acute Care Hospital
Coolidge Corner Imaging Brookline Diagnostic Testing Facility
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital - Needham Needham Acute Care Hospital
Merrimack Imaging North Andover Diagnostic Testing Facility
Metrowest MRI Framingham Diagnostic Testing Facility
Frisbie Memorial Hospital Rochester Acute Care Hospital
West Suburban Imaging Center Wellesley Hills Diagnostic Testing Facility
Premier Ultrasound Services Arlington Diagnostic Testing Facility
Melrose Wakefield Hospital Melrose Acute Care Hospital
Derry Imaging Center Derry Diagnostic Testing Facility
New England Baptist Hospital Boston Acute Care Hospital
Longwood MRI Specialists Brookline Diagnostic Testing Facility
Massachusetts General Hospital Boston Acute Care Hospital
InMed Diagnostic Womens Center Norwell Diagnostic Testing Facility
The MRI Center of Woburn Woburn Diagnostic Testing Facility
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Boston Acute Care Hospital
Caritas Norwood Hospital Norwood Acute Care Hospital
Parkland Medical Center Derry Acute Care Hospital
Dana-farber Cancer Institute Boston Acute Care Hospital
Metrowest Medical Center - Framingham Union Hospital Framingham Acute Care Hospital
Lahey Clinic Medical Center Burlington Acute Care Hospital
Mount Auburn Hospital Cambridge Acute Care Hospital

Ultrasound Patient Preparation

Guidelines about eating and drinking before an Ultrasound exam vary at different facilities. Unless you are told otherwise, you may follow your regular daily routine and take medications as usual. Let your doctor or technician know if you are allergic to latex or anything else prior to the test. Wear comfortable clothing and possibly even older clothing because of the gel which may be applied to your skin and may get on your cloths. For a transabdominal Ultrasound, you will be asked to drink several glasses of water or other liquid one to two hours before the procedure. Do not empty your bladder until the procedure is over. For a transvaginal Ultrasound, you should empty your bladder right before the procedure.

What to expect during and after an Ultrasound Procedure

An Ultrasound is a relatively painless procedure. The only discomfort may come from the cool gel which is applied to the area being scanned. Most Ultrasound procedures can be performed in your physician’s office or a stand alone imaging center, on an outpatient basis, or as part of your stay in a hospital. Procedures may vary depending on your condition and the facilities particular practices. The overall preparation and test will take approximately 30 minutes not including waiting time.

Prior to starting the procedure, you will be asked to remove any clothing or jewelry or other objects which may interfere with the scan. If you are required to remove all your clothing you will be given a hospital gown to wear. Once ready to start the Ultrasound, for a transabdominal Ultrasound the technician will get you to lie down on your back on the examination table and expose the area being studied. For a transvaginal Ultrasound, the technician will ask you to lie down on your back with your feet and legs supported as for a pelvic examination. For a breast Ultrasound, the technician will ask you to lie flat on your back with your arms held over your head. The technician will then apply a gel like substance to the area being studied. For a transabdominal and breast Ultrasound, the transducer will be pressed against the skin and moved around over the area being studied. For a transvaginal Ultrasound, a long thin transducer will be inserted into the vagina and gently turned and angled towards the area being studied. If blood flow is being assessed, you may hear a "whoosh, whoosh" sound when the Doppler probe is used. Images of structures will be displayed on the computer screen. Images will be recorded on various media for the healthcare record.

Once the procedure has been completed, the gel will be removed. Your Ultrasound results will be interpreted by a trained doctor or technician and then discussed with you immediately following the procedure.


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