Sleep Study Cost and Sleep Study Procedures Information

A Sleep Test, or Polysomnogram, is used to help diagnose sleep disorders. Sleep studies generally take place in a sleep lab during a person's normal sleeping hours. A Sleep Test uses various instruments to gather information about a person’s sleep stages, body position, and physiological conditions such as brain wave activity, eye movement, muscle movement, and possibly even the electrical activity of the heart. This data is then evaluated by your physician.

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Sleep Study Cost Averages Around the Country

Price Range
Atlanta, GA Sleep Study Cost Average $700 - $1,800
Chicago, IL Sleep Study Cost Average $750 - $1,900
Dallas, TX Sleep Study Cost Average $675 - $1,700
Houston, TX Sleep Study Cost Average $700 - $1,750
Los Angeles, CA Sleep Study Cost Average $800 - $2,100
Miami, FL Sleep Study Cost Average $750 - $1,900
New York, NY Sleep Study Cost Average $850 - $2,250
Washington, DC Sleep Study Cost Average $700 - $1,800
Phoenix, AZ Sleep Study Cost Average $675 - $1,750
Philadelphia, PA Sleep Study Cost Average $800 - $2,100

Specific Sleep Study Procedures and National Cost Averages

Price Range
Sleep Study (Polysomnography) Cost Average $1,250 - $6,700
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Featured Facilities that Perform Sleep Study

Name Location Price Range
King's Daughters Medical Center Ashland , KY $675 - $1,500
Salem Township Hospital Salem , IL $1,650 - $3,600
White River Medical Center Batesville , AR $825 - $1,800
Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare-all Saints - Spring Racine , WI $1,250 - $2,700
Strong Memorial Hospital Rochester , NY $700 - $1,550
Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital Waimea , HI $1,800 - $3,900
Nebraska Sleep Lab North Platte , NE $725 - $1,600
Marshall Medical Center South Boaz , AL $800 - $1,750
Good Samaritan Hospital Vincennes , IN $700 - $1,550
Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital Elko , NV $800 - $1,750
Carl Albert Indian Hospital Ada , OK $1,550 - $3,300
Heartland Sleep and Diagnostic Center Evansville , IN $750 - $1,650
Torr Sleep Center Aransas Pass , TX $725 - $1,600
Madison Parish Hospital Tallulah , LA $1,500 - $3,300
Van Wert County Hospital Van Wert , OH $550 - $1,200
Quality Sleep Solutions Albuquerque , NM $750 - $1,600
Saint John Medical Center Longview , WA $925 - $2,000
Glens Falls Hospital Glens Falls , NY $700 - $1,550
Avera Louis Weiner Memorial Hospital Marshall , MN $1,400 - $3,100
Colorado Springs Sleep Center Colorado Springs , CO $800 - $1,750
Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital Dunn , NC $1,000 - $2,175
CNMRI, PA Dover , DE $220 - $480
Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center Kennett , MO $1,500 - $3,200
National Sleep Solutions Columbus , GA $725 - $1,600
Conway Medical Center Conway , SC $850 - $1,850
Sleepmed Georgetown , SC $725 - $1,600
Sleep Study Clinics of West Tennessee Dyersburg , TN $725 - $1,600
Serenity Sleep Solutions Hickory , NC $750 - $1,650
Dickinson County Healthcare System Iron Mountain , MI $1,250 - $2,775
Dubois Regional Medical Center West Dubois , PA $850 - $1,900

More about Sleep Study Procedures

Sleep Study Test Patient Preparation

Ask your doctor if the Sleep Test will require an overnight stay. Most do and if so make sure you pack a bag with your pajamas, pillow, and hygiene products like a toothbrush. If you have kept a sleep journal make sure to bring it to your test. Try to reduce the amount of caffeine or sugar you consumer the day prior to your Sleep Test. Try to avoid excessive sleeping, naps, the day before your test. Avoid tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants a few days prior to the test in that they may affect the results of your test. Avoid skin oils and lubricants prior to the test in that it may inhibit the test electrodes from sticking to your skin. Discuss all medications or herbal supplements you are taking prior to the test. Some of these may alter your test results and your physician and the technician should be aware of what you take prior to the test. Bring a list of all your medications with you for review by the facility.

What to expect during and after a Sleep Test Procedure

Most Sleep Test will last throughout the night. Be prepared to shower to go to work the next morning from the testing facility if needed. Once you arrive at the testing facility you will be asked to change into your pajamas and to remove any jewelry or clothing that may interfere with the test. The test technician will then attached small metal discs, or electrodes, to your head and body for the EEG, ECG, EOG, and EMG equipment cables. The test technician will then attach an oxygen measuring devices to a finger tip and your face to measure the oxygen level in the blood vessels and air flow while breathing respectively. The temperature of the room may need to be maintained at a certain level, but blankets can be adjusted as needed. Lights will be turned off and monitoring will begin before you fall asleep. For multiple sleep latency testing (MSLT), short nap periods will be assigned at intervals. For multiple wake testing (MWT), you will be asked to try and stay awake for certain periods of time.

When the study has been completed, the electrodes and other devices will be removed. Once the procedure is complete, you will be able to change and leave the facility. Your Sleep Study results will be studied and the results should be ready in a 2-3 business days.

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