Providence, RI Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

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Procedure Pricing & Savings Information

Top Procedures Performed at Providence Hospitals and Cost Averages

Procedure Low Price High Price Potential Savings
Angioplasty Procedure $37,400 $102,700 $65,300 Free Quote
Ankle Replacement $16,300 $44,800 $28,500 Free Quote
Arthroscopic Knee Surgery $3,400 $9,300 $5,900 Free Quote
Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery $5,200 $14,100 $8,900 Free Quote
Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy $18,300 $50,200 $31,900 Free Quote
Bunionectomy $6,200 $17,000 $10,800 Free Quote
Cardiac Stent $31,400 $86,300 $54,900 Free Quote
Cataract $1,350 $3,700 $2,350 Free Quote
Cochlear Implant $58,000 $159,400 $101,400 Free Quote
Colonoscopy $1,250 $4,100 $2,850 Free Quote
Corneal Transplant $5,900 $16,000 $10,100 Free Quote
Coronary Bypass Surgery $57,900 $159,100 $101,200 Free Quote
CT Scan $490 $1,300 $810 Free Quote
Defibrillator $69,000 $189,700 $120,700 Free Quote
Disc Replacement Surgery $21,800 $60,000 $38,200 Free Quote
Diskectomy $16,600 $45,600 $29,000 Free Quote
Ear Tube Surgery $3,600 $9,700 $6,100 Free Quote
Echo $360 $925 $565 Free Quote
EKG $350 $900 $550 Free Quote
Endoscopy $1,350 $4,400 $3,050 Free Quote
Essure Birth Control $4,800 $13,200 $8,400 Free Quote
Eye Shunt $4,400 $12,100 $7,700 Free Quote
Foot Repair Surgery $12,200 $33,400 $21,200 Free Quote
General Wellness Test $20 $150 $130 Free Quote
Hammertoe Correction $7,600 $20,800 $13,200 Free Quote
Hernia Repair Surgery $5,900 $13,900 $8,000 Free Quote
Hip Replacement $17,400 $47,800 $30,400 Free Quote
Knee Replacement Surgery $15,600 $42,900 $27,300 Free Quote
Kyphoplasty $15,300 $41,900 $26,600 Free Quote
Laparoscopic Hysterectomy $2,625 $7,300 $4,675 Free Quote
Laparoscopy, Cholecystectomy (Gallbladder Removal) $5,200 $12,400 $7,200 Free Quote
Lithotripsy (Kidney Stone Removal) $5,000 $13,600 $8,600 Free Quote
Mammogram $80 $200 $120 Free Quote
Minor Illness $100 $150 $50 Free Quote
Minor Injury $370 $875 $505 Free Quote
MRA $850 $2,250 $1,400 Free Quote
MRI $550 $1,400 $850 Free Quote
Pacemaker $28,600 $78,400 $49,800 Free Quote
PET Scan $1,500 $3,800 $2,300 Free Quote
Septoplasty Surgery $8,600 $23,500 $14,900 Free Quote
Sleep Study $750 $1,900 $1,150 Free Quote
Spinal Cord Stimulator $21,700 $59,700 $38,000 Free Quote
Spinal Fusion $32,400 $89,100 $56,700 Free Quote
Spinal Instrumentation $16,300 $44,700 $28,400 Free Quote
Stress Test $775 $1,950 $1,175 Free Quote
Ultrasound $120 $310 $190 Free Quote
Urinary Incontinence Treatment $9,500 $25,900 $16,400 Free Quote
Urinary Stent $7,800 $21,500 $13,700 Free Quote
Uterine Ablation $5,500 $15,000 $9,500 Free Quote
Vaginal Prosthesis Implantation $7,300 $20,100 $12,800 Free Quote
Vagus Nerve Stimulation $14,900 $41,000 $26,100 Free Quote
Vertebroplasty $6,100 $16,600 $10,500 Free Quote
Wellness Visit $100 $250 $150 Free Quote
Wrist Surgery $2,700 $7,400 $4,700 Free Quote
X-Ray $100 $240 $140 Free Quote

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities in Providence

Facility City Beds Type of Facility
Advanced Eye Surgery Center N Dartmouth -- Eye Surgery Center
Afc Urgent Care New Bedford New Bedford Urgent Care Clinic
American Diagnsotic Lab. New Bedford -- Sleep Study Center
Aquidneck Island Orthopedics Middletown -- Ortho Surgery Center
Arul Pllc Raynham Dentist
Arul Pllc Attleboro Dentist
Arul Pllc Of Fall River Seekonk Dentist
Arul Pllc Of Fall River Fall River Dentist
Arul Pllc Of Fall River North Dartmouth Dentist
Bayside Endoscopy Providence -- GI Diagnostic Center
Blackstone Valley Surgicare Acquisition Johnston -- Ambulatory Surgical Center
Bristol County Open MRI Bristol -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Charlton Memorial Hospital Fall River 822 Acute Care Hospital
Coastal Medical Providence -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Coastal Orthopaedic Institute Fall River -- Ortho Surgery Center
Coventry Imaging Associates Coventry -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Digitrace Care Services Swansea -- Sleep Study Center
Digitrace Care Services Providence -- Sleep Study Center
Digitrace Care Services Warwick -- Sleep Study Center
Digitrace Care Services North Dartmouth -- Sleep Study Center
East Bay Endoscopy Center Portsmouth -- GI Diagnostic Center
East Greenwich Endoscopy Center East Greenwich -- GI Diagnostic Center
Epoch Sleep Centers East Greenwich -- Sleep Study Center
Fall River-new Bedford Orthopedic New Bedford -- Ortho Surgery Center
Foundry Orthopedics Providence -- Ortho Surgery Center
Greater New Bedford Surgicenter North Dartmouth -- Ambulatory Surgical Center
Imaging Consultants Norton -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Inmed Diagnostic Services of RI Warwick -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Kent Hospital Warwick 301 Acute Care Hospital
Labcorp Providence Providence Laboratory
Landmark Medical Center - Woonsocket Unit Woonsocket 153 Acute Care Hospital
Lincoln Radiology Lincoln -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island Pawtucket 181 Acute Care Hospital
Minuteclinic Cranston Cranston Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic East Greenwich East Greenwich Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Fall River Fall River Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic North Attleboro North Attleboro Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic North Smithfield North Smithfield Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Norton Norton Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Providence Providence Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Raynham Raynham Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Seekonk Seekonk Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Swansea Swansea Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Taunton Taunton Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Wakefield Wakefield Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Westerly Westerly Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Westport Westport Walk-In Clinic
Minuteclinic Woonsocket Woonsocket Walk-In Clinic
Morton Hospital and Medical Center Taunton 152 Acute Care Hospital
Nate Whipple Radiology Cumberland -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Newport Hospital Newport 148 Acute Care Hospital
Ninigret Orthopedics Westerly -- Ortho Surgery Center
Northwestern Ri Imaging Center Johnston -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Ocean State Endoscopy Providence -- GI Diagnostic Center
Open MRI of New England Cumberland -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Orthopedic Care Surgery Center Easton -- Ortho Surgery Center
Our Lady of Fatima Hospital North Providence 386 Acute Care Hospital
Preferred Sleep Laboratories West Warwick -- Sleep Study Center
Providence - Urgent Care Providence Urgent Care Clinic
Rhode Island Hospital Providence 575 Acute Care Hospital
Rhode Island Medical Imaging Providence -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Rhode Island Medical Imaging East Prov -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Roger Williams Medical Center Providence 157 Acute Care Hospital
Saint Anne's Hospital Fall River 160 Acute Care Hospital
Same Day Surgiclinic Fall River -- Ambulatory Surgical Center
Saperia Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Taunton -- Ortho Surgery Center
Shields MRI Dartmouth Dartmouth -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Shields MRI St. Luke’s Hospital New Bedford -- Diagnostic Testing Facility
Shields Radiation Oncology Mansfield 0 Diagnostic Testing Facility
Sleep Therapeutics Lincoln -- Sleep Study Center
South County Hospital Wakefield 76 Acute Care Hospital
South County Orthopedics and Physical Therapy Wakefield -- Ortho Surgery Center
St. Anne's Center for Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Fall River -- Ortho Surgery Center
Sturdy Memorial Hospital Attleboro 128 Acute Care Hospital
Sunny Smile Group I Llc North Smithfield Dentist
Sunny Smile Group II Llc Warwick Dentist
Sunny Smile Group III Llc Johnston Dentist
The Center for Orthopaedics Johnston -- Ortho Surgery Center
The Miriam Hospital Providence 247 Acute Care Hospital
The Westerly Hospital Westerly 125 Acute Care Hospital
Tollgate Sleep Disorders Center Warwick -- Sleep Study Center
University Orthopedics Providence -- Ortho Surgery Center
Warwick Mall - Urgent Care Warwick Urgent Care Clinic
Wayland Square Surgicare Acquisition Providence -- Ambulatory Surgical Center
West River Endoscopy Providence -- GI Diagnostic Center
Women and Infants Hospital Providence 197 Acute Care Hospital
Xra Medical Imaging Cranston -- Diagnostic Testing Facility

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