Brain CT Scan Cost and Procedure Information

A CT scan (also called a CAT scan) is a noninvasive, painless medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions. CT scans allow physicians to rapidly create detailed pictures of the body allowing them to more easily diagnose problems such as cancers, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, trauma and musculoskeletal disorders. CT scans may also be used to guide surgeons to the right area during a biopsy. CT scans are one of the more common imaging technologies used by physicians to analyze the internal structures of various parts of the body. There are approximately 52 million CT scan test performed each year making this one of the more common imaging technologies used by the medical field.

National Brain CT Scan Procedure Pricing Summary

National Minimum Price $825 (Altus, OK)
National Average Price $1,200
National Maximum Price $4,800 (Ketchikan, AK)

Brain CT Scan Cost Averages Around the Country

Price Range
Boston, MA Brain CT Scan Cost Average $400 - $1,050
Detroit, MI Brain CT Scan Cost Average $340 - $875
San Francisco, CA Brain CT Scan Cost Average $380 - $975
Minneapolis, MN Brain CT Scan Cost Average $320 - $825
Tampa, FL Brain CT Scan Cost Average $330 - $875
St. Louis, MO Brain CT Scan Cost Average $350 - $900
Seattle, WA Brain CT Scan Cost Average $340 - $900
San Diego, CA Brain CT Scan Cost Average $390 - $1,000
Baltimore, MD Brain CT Scan Cost Average $400 - $1,050
Denver, CO Brain CT Scan Cost Average $340 - $875
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Featured Facilities that Perform Brain CT Scan

Name Location Price Range
Mary Rutan Hospital Bellefontaine , OH $490 - $1,300
Stillwater Medical Center Stillwater , OK $500 - $1,300
Henry County Memorial Hospital New Castle , IN $370 - $975
Mercy Memorial Hospital Urbana , OH $1,000 - $2,625
Georgia Magnetic Imaging Center Macon , GA $220 - $575
Cmi Professional Services Utica , NY $230 - $575
Southeast Georgia Open MRI Brunswick , GA $220 - $575
Advanced Radiology Corporation Fairlawn , OH $230 - $600
Accusite Johnson City , NY $230 - $575
Western Kentucky Technical Imaging Hopkinsville , KY $220 - $550
Carle Foundation Hospital Urbana , IL $525 - $1,350
Coosa Valley Medical Center Sylacauga , AL $430 - $1,100
Valatie Imaging Valatie , NY $260 - $675
Spring Hill Imaging Center Spring Hill , TN $220 - $575
East Texas Medical Center Athens Athens , TX $725 - $1,900
Doctors Hospital of Nelsonville Nelsonville , OH $1,000 - $2,625
Santa Rosa Radiology Santa Rosa , CA $170 - $430
Parkland Health Center - Farmington Farmington , MO $450 - $1,200
Fayette County Memorial Hospital Washington Court House , OH $1,000 - $2,625
Adena Regional Medical Center Chillicothe , OH $370 - $950
Houston Medical Center Warner Robins , GA $420 - $1,100
Saint Joseph Mount Sterling Mount Sterling , KY $300 - $775
Methodist University Hospital Memphis , TN $460 - $1,200
Fisher-Titus Medical Center Norwalk , OH $420 - $1,100
Medical Arts Hospital Lamesa , TX $290 - $750
Midland Memorial Hospital Midland , TX $500 - $1,300
Sierra Vista Diagnostics Sierra Vista , AZ $240 - $625
Prestige Imaging, LLC (Judson Road) Longview , TX $220 - $575
Elliot Hospital Manchester , NH $525 - $1,350
North Shore Magnetic Imaging Center Peabody , MA $270 - $700

Brain CT Scan Information & Details

What Might a Brain CT Scan Be Used to Find?

There are times when a brain CT scan is required to simply help the doctor figure out a “game plan” for a procedure or surgery (i.e. a biopsy) to avoid potential issues. They can also be used to try and find cysts or infections within the brain as well.

If a patient is having symptoms like ongoing or constant headaches that the doctor isn’t able to diagnose a reason for early on, a brain CT scan could be ordered to help aid in that diagnosis. A cranial CT is also able to show a level of detail that allows a doctor to find irregular blood vessels or aneurysms, brain tumors, or brain swelling.

The doctor might require the CT can be of the entire head or brain. There is also a chance that if they believe an issue is stemming from a certain part of the brain that the CT scan is more pinpointed to that area. That way they can see more detail around that particular area.

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