Kenmare Community Hospital CT Angiography - Aorta Cost Comparison

317 First Avenue Northwest Kenmare, ND 58746
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Facility Profile Summary

Facility Type: Critical Access (Rural) Hospital
Number of Beds: 37
Annual Procedures: 60
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Facility Comparison Summary

Quality of Care: No Data
Service Levels: No Data
Value of Care: Below Average
Compare All CT Angiography - Aorta Costs in Kenmare, ND

CT Angiography - Aorta Pricing Overview for Kenmare, ND

Most Expensive in the Area $3,500
Least Expensive in the Area $1,350

Potential Savings:


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About CT Angiography - Aorta at Kenmare Community Hospital

Kenmare Community Hospital is committed to providing outstanding patient care in the Kenmare area, but before you commit to Kenmare Community Hospital for a procedure make sure you compare and shop for the medical procedures you require. It may save you hundreds of dollars. View the list above to compare Kenmare Community Hospital to other healthcare providers in the Kenmare, ND area.

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